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I've never had porcini mushrooms before- boy are they expensive!! The ones I got cost over $65/lb, so I did use slightly less than called for- the wonderful flavor was still there, though! Good oven fries- you're right, they're are something new with so few changes from Mirj's Greek-Style Oven Fries (#18762). I wasn't sure if the mushrooms were supposed to stick to the potatoes or what- I stuck some to them as best I could and just let some stick on the pan. They turned out as lovely crunchy bits with great flavor. Good oven fries without an overly complex flavor. One issue, though- is step 7 correct? I cooked mine for about 40 minutes and they were quite well-browned and Mirj's recipe says 45 minutes. I think if I baked these for a full hour they would be burnt. ? Still a good recipe- can't say I've ever had fries like these! Served with ketchup and Cream of Sun-Dried Tomato Soup (#36267). Great supper!

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Roosie November 11, 2004
Italian-style Oven Fries