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I loved the flavor contrasts - the slight bitterness of the livers, the sweetness of the wine and the spice of the herbs. I followed the recipe as written, using Penzey's Italian Herb Mix, fresh ground black pepper and no cheese. My only suggestion is to add fresh chopped parsley for color before serving. My 4 star rating = very good, will make this again with no significant changes.

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Lorac June 08, 2003

This recipe is excellent! I love chicken livers in any way but these were fabulous. We increased the amount of onions and added button mushrooms & the Italian Seasoning just made the dish! Thank you so much for posting so I that I have another wonderful dish from which to choose. Diane

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Manami November 15, 2005

YUM...GrandmaG really likes those livers! Usually I just batter and fry chicken livers and serve with country gravy and mashed potatoes, but I like these better! I served tem with corn pudding, and a side salad. Even DH thought they were better cooked this way! Thanks so much for sharing.

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GrandmaG November 06, 2004
Italian Style Chicken Livers With Orzo