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Great recipe, thanks for sharing. A Christmas Eve tradition in my home. Couple suggestions - before you add the tentacles to the stuffing chop them coarsely in food processor then pan fry them with the garlic to remove most excess water, then add to stuffing mix. I stuff about half way because the squid will significantly shrink as water cooks out of them. Instead of toothpick you can choose to sew them closed with a large needle and thread but admittedly thats more work. I've never actually pan fried the bodies, instead I drop them raw in simmering gravy for 50-60 minutes until the oil starts to show on the surface. I typically make a large pot of marinara sauce (at least a gallon) and reduce down well before adding stuffed bodies which will naturally thin the gravy. Extra sauce is great for pasta - recommend a fresh Cavatelli. Enjoy!

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TheMule66 December 25, 2012

Excellent but next I'm going to try to bake in oven. It was delicious. I had fun making this.

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nicenice May 30, 2015

Oh my gosh this was amazing! My first time making stuffed squid and it won't be the last! As a personal preference next time I will double the sauce to serve with/over pasta. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

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McGelby November 06, 2013

AMAZING!!! That's the only word to describe this recipe. I must admit I had my doubts when I saw the preparation method. But let me say, this is one of the BEST calamari dishes I've ever had. We followed the instructions to the "T", but did make a couple of slight changes to the ingredients. We used only fresh herbs, as we didn't have any dried. We had only plain bread crumbs so I added about a teaspoon of Emeril's Essence to the stuffing. The end result was beyond tasty and it is a company worthy dish, in spite of being so easy to prepare. Well, not counting the time to clean the whole squid... which is easy but tedious. LOL! This recipe is a definite keeper and can't wait to have it again!

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Jostlori September 25, 2012
Italian Stuffed Squid