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I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful this recipe is! I have now made this no less than 6 times and I just keep finding new ways to change it up (to our tastes). 1st time was made as written - very, very good. I've made several times using Half 'n Half. As with others, I have elected to omit the olive oil (anything to help lighten the dish)...I used hot italian sausage with great success and have also added shitake mushrooms and (at the last few minutes) 1/2 frozen peas. This is now so favored in our house, it has been requested on a regular basis. Thank you Potsie for another awesome dish!!

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CindiJ September 06, 2007

Don't even look at the nutritional info......just make yourself look like a culinary goddess (or god) and whip this up for dinner! So easy and tasty. Sort of like gourmet Hamburger Helper. Alas, I too, had to leave out the black olives. As much as I love them it's just not worth the pain of having to watch my sweetie pick them out piece by piece with a sour look on his face. I used a hot Italian sausage just because we like all things spicy and canned tomatoes from my summer garden. Make sure you garnish with the chopped parsley and freshly grated parm....it just adds that special touch and dresses it up. That along with a mixed salad and some Italian bread with olive oil and herbs actually makes for a very impressive dinner. Many thanks to Pot Scrubber for what will be a long time favorite in my house.

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FolkDiva March 05, 2009

It was a dark and stormy night... and I wanted comfort food. I didn't follow it to a T but I followed it closely enough that I can see that this recipe deserves all the 5-Star reviews it receives. I skipped the olives and put them on my salad instead. But, I was in the mood for comfort food so the salad sat uneaten. This dish is so hearty and filling that it doesn't need any sides. Thank you for sharing this recipe!

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Skip Intro September 03, 2015

I didn't follow this recipe all the way, but it was a great one to use as a guide. I could tell by looking at it we would like it. My 10 yr. old was saying "Yum!" all through dinner. I used hot Italian sausage and no red pepper. I also added shrimp which was an awesome addition. Changes I made were using a whole med. onion, half n half, petite diced tomatoes, and added a can of mushrooms. I used cellentani pasta which made it fun. Next time I will add capers and maybe chicken. I am looking forward to using this again in the future. It was quite delicious!

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LovesCookingHatesDishwashing April 07, 2015

Delicious! I halved the recipe for 2 of us and it would have served 4.

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Hissy Hussy September 25, 2014

AmAzInG, that's it. Made as posted using hot Italian sausage and Campenelle (flower) pasta. EZ and company worthy. Thanks Potsie, this is a winner!

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Chicagoland Chef du Jour June 07, 2014

I have made this 4 times now. Three times with hot Italian sausage (hold the pepper flake), and once for my parents with sweet Italian sausage (add the pepper flake). I like the hot Italian better :)<br/><br/>I also have some one who does not like olives. I replace with sliced sweet peppers.

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Gary in AZ March 29, 2014

I have been making this recipe for years now and have no clue why I didn't review it earlier. I blame menopause. Folks, you need to make this. It is the easiest, most forgiving recipe around. I have made it as written (almost), made it with half cream and half chicken stock on virtuous days, tossed in yummy odds and ends and it never, ever fails. The only ingredient I haven't used is the black olives because 'someone' around here thinks they are gross. Thanks Potsie for a real, no-fail gem!

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K9 Owned February 09, 2014
Italian Sausage, Tomato, and Cream With Bow Ties