Italian Sausage Florentine for the Crock Pot

Total Time
6hrs 15mins
15 mins
6 hrs

A hearty dish for a busy day. Also good as party or potluck food. The flavors of Italian sausage, spaghetti sauce, onions, and spinach meld perfectly in the crock pot. Despite all the healthy veggies its a real guy pleaser! ;)

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  1. Brown sausages in skillet or on grill.
  2. Peel and slice onions. Put in bottom of 6qt crock pot.
  3. If using peppers, seed and slice vertically. Layer on top of the onions.
  4. Pour frozen spinach into crock pot.
  5. Arrange sausages on top of the spinach.
  6. Pour spaghetti sauce evenly over top of everything.
  7. Cook on high for 2 hours then on low for 3-4 hours. OR, thaw the spinach first and cook on low for 6+ hours.
  8. Serve over pasta, over rice, or with a hearty, crusty, bread. Pass grated Parmesan at the table.
  9. Note -- If preparing for a party or a potluck you may wish to slice the sausage and make 2 layers of ingredients to better control the portions. This version could have shredded mozzarella incorporated into the layers and on top.