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The cake came out awesome. My family loved it. However, it took 6 hours to make it. The pudding mixtures were too watery for the cake. I had to transport the cake & knew that the pudding mixture would be everywhere. I added 2 Tbsp. extra of flour and added 1 tsp of knox gelatin. I also thought, too many steps for a cake. Boiling a separate pan of milk was not nescessary. Also, two TBSP. of cold water for the gelatin mixture to put in the whipped creme made it more difficult. two TBSP. of hot water would be better.

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sunladybargains March 21, 2011

I made this for my brother's birthday and he could not have been happier. I read all the comments and followed the recipe and it was nothing but perfection! This is not a cake to tackle in one day. Doing it in stages is much simpler and allowed me to concentrate on each component of the cake. I was somewhat frightened making the sponge cake! I beat the sugar and yolks for 20 min, no problem. Whipped egg whites, again no problem. It was when I combined the yolk and sugar with the flour that I became scared. It came together like cookie dough and I though how am I going to get the egg whites mixed in? I persevered and it came out beautifully. I baked two cakes in springform pans that were greased well and I also used parchment on the bottoms. This cake is not like a traditional American/genoise sponge cake. It is heavier and has a denseness to it to absorb the rum. I will certainly be making this cake again and again. Thank you to whomever posted this recipe : ) I took some pics and will add those as well...

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shipoopi27 September 26, 2010

I made this cake, and I don't see how anyone got good results with the method directed to make the sponge cake. Mixing the eggs with the sugar AND the flour (which should be CAKE flour, by the way, not PASTRY flour) makes a heavy sticky paste which cannot be folded into the egg whites while retaining their volume. I went ahead and gamely tried, but the cake came out tough and did not rise properly. I tried again using this method and it worked beautifully: Beat egg yolks with 1T lemon juice. Add 3/4 c. sugar and beat til well blended. Beat whites to soft peaks. Add the remaining sugar to the whites and beat until stiff, not dry. Stir 1/4 of the whites mixture into the egg mixture to lighten it, then spoon remaining egg whites over egg mixture. Sift cake flour on top, and gently fold all together to blend. This mixing method will give you a lighter sponge cake. Also, I found that making ONE recipe of the Pasticciera Cream is more than sufficient to fill the cake. Make the vanilla recipe, and after you add the butter, divide the mixture in half, and add 1 oz. chocolate to one-half the mixture. Lots less trouble! Other than those changes, this recipe makes a wonderful traditional cake that is perfect for any celebration! My daughter loved the one I made for her birthday! It's worth the effort.

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kimrsmart April 19, 2007

Wonderful recipe. Finally tried it. Friday, made cake and fillings. Saturday made rum glaze and topping and assembled cake. Served cake on Sunday. It was a giant hint. Need to perfect the sponge cake as my second round pan was too flat and difficult to cut in half. Lost some of the cake in both pans when I cut it. Next time will try to handle sponge cake a little better, i don't think i mixed the egg yoks, sugar, and pastry flour long enough. Custard filling was challenging, used wisk, but the vanilla and choclate turned out perfectly. I added maybe a 1/4 more of rum to the rum glaze recipe and you could really taste the rum through out the cake. I was pretty generous in splashing it on the cake layers. It was delicious and I will make this again and again. My brother wanted the Italian Rum Cake from our childhood, and he loved it. I added thawed strawberries on top of the vanilla layer. Thank you thank you for posting this recipe.

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ritasud April 11, 2010

I used this recipe for the framework but made my cake more along the structure of chef 483004. Also, I recommend using a whisk instead of the wooden spoon for the pasticciera cream. As suggested, it would have been better if I made one batch and halved it for the chocolate portion.

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delario8 December 20, 2009

My hubby found this recipe for me, and I'm eager to try it. I grew up in an Italian family, and this cake was always served on special occasions, including birthdays. We lived in the burbs of Philly, and my parents would drive into the city to a special bakery to get the cakes. My brother & I have been looking for a recipe for this cake for 30 years! Thank you so much for posting this!

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liasis June 10, 2008

This is a great recipe! I searched for two hours one evening looking for an Italian Rum cake recipe, similar to the one I grew up with, and I found it here!! It requires quite a bit of work but it is well worth every minute! One addition I would make to this, would be to make extra rum syrup on the side, to drizzle over the cake slices if you or your guests prefer to have more rum flavor (which I like to have. I also decorated it with maraschino cherries and granulated peanuts. Excellent recipe!! Thanks so much for posting this recipe on the internet for me to find!! Dee

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DA in PA January 04, 2004

The directions for the cake are backwards. When I tried to mix the flour into the yolk mixture it became solid dough Then "folding in" the egg whites became impossible I had to "chop" the whites in and the mixture turned out very lumpy. A better way would be to fold in the whites BEFORE you add the flour - as I subsequently discovered in some other recipes for pan di spagna.

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Elizabeth C. November 16, 2014

The cake tasted pretty good considering some parts did not come out properly. The cake part itself did not work well for me. I think I should have spent more time getting the flour smoother when mixed in w egg yolk and sugar but because I was trying to be careful with it it ended up lumpy even after folding in egg whites. Because it was lumpy when I put in the pans I decided to

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kathleenrconnolly March 04, 2014

Thanks to #483004...this is the way this cake needs to be made. I tried making the recipe according to the poster's instructions and ended up with a frisbee.

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lostrom526 May 31, 2012
Italian Rum Cake