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Thank you for this recipe. My sister used to make this years ago, but stopped now. This year my family is not going up to New York for Easter, so I needed this recipe, and she told me to use an Amercican cream cheese recipe and to sustiute ricotta. Luckely, we found your recipe. Thank you again, and we wish you a Buona Santa Pasqua. Joe Pedicini and Family.

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Adriana Pedicini April 18, 2003

This is the best Italian Cheesecake recipe there is! Most ricotta cheesecakes are grainy and gritty in texture, but this one is light, creamy and fluffy. I am sure it is because of the special egg treatment: separating the eggs, whipping the eggwhites till stiff, and adding the yolks to the cheese, along with LOTS of electric mixing, give the texture a beautifully creamy consistency. Most other recipes just stir in whole eggs into the cheese, and don't use as many, so you end up with a heavy, grainy texture.

The lemon zest is bright and lovely. I want to try it with orange zest sometime as well. If only my Sicilian dad were alive to taste this, I know it would have made him so very happy!!!! I make this for my father-in-law everytime he is in town because it is his favorite. Thank you for a fantastic recipe!!!

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flappergirl425 September 29, 2010

The cake turned out lovely and delicious (though I might have let it get a little too brown on top). The flavor was great! The texture was a little grainier than a cream cheese cheesecake, but according to what I've read, that's how ricotta cheesecakes are supposed to be. This recipe's definitely a keeper!

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StitchedPigeon January 14, 2012

I attempted to bake the italian (ricotta) cheesecake. For some unknown reason the 8 egg whites would not stiffen as directed in the recipe. Hence, I used them as they were. I had them beating by electric mixer for 30 minutes when I finally gave up and used them as they were. I read all the reviews and did find them helpful. Several people made changes to the recipe and claimed it still turned out great. My cheesecake is in the oven and my fingers are crossed. Thanks for all the great recipes.....Grandma

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lorettaschult June 29, 2011

Wish I could give this more stars!!! ************* I have been making this recipe for 20 years. Its THE BEST ever. I also got the original recipe from my mom's Polly-O cookbook. This was on our Christmas table every year. My family alwasy wanted citron in ours so thats how I still make it.

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Carb Lover December 29, 2009

My mother made this recipe 30 years ago! This was in a little booklet of recipes that Polly-O brand ricotta had put out one year! I have not been able to find the exact recipe and this is it!! The BEST ricotta cheese cake you will ever have! this was our Easter staple! I am surprising my mother with it this year for Easter! We havent had it for about 8 years! LOVE IT!!!!

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lamoda57 April 07, 2009

Not sure where I went wrong but it was way over done. I usually bake cheesecake in a water bath, but didn't because I was trying to follow the recipe exactly. My family said to throw the recipe out.

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Carolyn G. September 30, 2015

This is basically my Grandmother's recipe which she made with a pasta frolla crust and it's great either way. I made this one a few years ago and it was great. Now, I made it again this year and while it was delicious again, it separated out into two layers. The custard settled out to the bottom. Any idea what would cause that?

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peterb1 December 26, 2011

I just want to say that this is an incredible recipe. The flavor was amazing, and everyone said it was excellent. Not to mention that even the cooking time was right on the dot. I followed this recipe to a tee and it was perfect. I made it for a blockparty and there was none left. ( All other desserts remained on the table. I put very ripe Strawberries sliced in half covering the top. Then heated seedles strawberry jelly ( Not to Hot) and brushed it over the strwberries and refridgerated it. Around the outside of the cake I sprinkled powdered sugar. Not only did it look beautiful, it tasted amazing. I Plan on making 2 more this week. Thank you so much....Definitely recommend.

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ChefborID August 24, 2008

came out great. I added some mascarpone and used egg substitute( for white and yolks)which worked fine. Next time I will make sure I have eggs to follow recipe exactly.

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T_Jones June 28, 2008
Italian (Ricotta) Cheesecake