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I made this for dinner tonight with steak on the grill. I added the potatoes to the skillet after the garlic browned and mixed it up and let the potatoes brown. The family loved it. This is also a great vegetarian meal. Thanks!

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Kat Rahal February 09, 2004

My Italian mom used to make this all the time when we were growing up. Thanks for the recipe. I wasn't quite sure how she made it. Now I know!

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Art B. September 14, 2015

It never crossed my mind to put spinach with potatoes. I always mixed string beans or zucchini with my potatoes. Anyway I gave this a try and really enjoyed the mixture. Due to my laziness I added the garlic to the potato water and due to taste left out the pepper flakes and it still turned out great. My husband put butter on his potion. Thanks for sharing.

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Lighthouse Rita July 18, 2014

I agree this can be addictive! The potatoes were cooked and dried as per recipe. I used baby spinach which was coarsely chopped and added to the pan the potatoes were cooked in along with the garlic and just a touch red pepper flakes. The water from the washed spinach was used for cooking. After the potatoes were added back in everything was seasoned with a touch of salt and freshly ground black pepper. The finished product was drizzled lightly with a high quality olive oil. This was served with meatloaf for a wonderful meal.

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PaulaG January 04, 2014

Not gourmet but very flavorful and satisfying! I cut the recipe in half and made with frozen spinach, think would be nice to try pan frying the potatoes just a little. A great healthy dish that we will be enjoying again, thanks so much for the post.

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Debbwl February 06, 2013

Lots of garlic and spinach with potatoes. I identified this very much as the sort of recipe I’d like as soon as I found it. I’m still not sure if I fully understood the directions, (step two confused me) but I was absolutely delighted with the end result. I added three rashers of bacon, chopped, and sautéed this with the garlic, in a non-stick pan, so I needed less oil than was specified in the recipe. Once the bacon had crisped and the garlic had softened and begun to brown, I followed Marie’s suggestion and added the spinach (I used baby spinach leaves), but only for 30 seconds or so, just enough to allow the spinach leaves to wilt slightly before I removed the pan from the heat. As soon as I removed the garlic and spinach from the heat, I added this mixture to the potatoes, then seasoned with salt and freshly ground pepper. I also omitted the red pepper flakes (not into spiciness at all!), and this was my stand alone almost-vegetarian dinner tonight, with quite a lot left over for several more meals! Yummy! Thank you, Lorac, for a great recipe.

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bluemoon downunder August 23, 2005

Made this last night and it was good. I sauteed the fresh spinach with the garlic and added that to the potatoes that I browned after boiling them. Good mix of flavors. Thanks, Lorac for posting.

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Marie February 18, 2004
Italian Potatoes and Spinach