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Delicious! Although the flavors may sound to some (like my skeptical husband) like they would clash, they complement each other extremely well. He REALLY likes this. The orange in it is wonderful! We made a half-recipe and took it to a friend's house, where it was served with steamed lobsters. Life is tough, I know. We used a bunch of halved grape tomatoes because no ripe Romas were available. The ratio of beans to potatoes seems pretty high, I think next time I would use fewer green beans and a couple more potatoes, and probably a tad more Gorgonzola, but the dressing is spot-on and brings it all together. It would probably work with raw or blanched zucchini or asparagus tips in lieu of beans, too. The dressing would be good on a green salad made with sliced strawberries and mandarin orange segments, like the ones served at a local restaurant. We'll be eating variations on this recipe this all summer, I expect.

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zeldaz51 April 20, 2013
Italian Potato Salad, Gorgonzola, and Orange Balsamic Dressing