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As advertised, this is lighter and, dare I say, tastier than your normal potato salad. I may add extra bacon next time, to fatten it up a bit, as is my style, but it doesn't really need it.

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misfit August 12, 2002

Oh, I thought this salad was wonderful. You are right, it does have a lighter taste than those made with mayonnaise. I used an extra-zesty lowfat Italian dressing and the flavor was good. We are greatful for something different because we get tired of the same old potato salad. Thanks.

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TamaraJo77 June 12, 2003

Very delicious salad indeed! I used thick sliced bacon cooked crispy then broken into pieces. I used 5 green onions and Ken's dressing. I used a potato peeler to get thin slices of parmesan cheese to add to the salad. Worked great! This recipe is sure to please. Flavors are great and it's something different to try. Loved it! Thank you Kate for this recipe!

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FoodieFanatic August 21, 2008

This is a SUPERB gourmet potato salad! Top-notch and so easy to make, too! I paid close attention to the recipe details, using the very best bacon available (Kentucky Bluegrass brand -- meaty and lies flat when frying) and I used a regular (not "lite") Italian dressing which I made up from a packet (Aldi's clone of "Good Seasons" brand), because the dressing is the foundation for the overall flavor of this excellent dish. My recipe for this dressing makes the dressing twice as good as it already is: Use SPRING water (no chlorine) instead of tap water. For the vinegar, use 1/2 malt vinegar and 1/2 white wine (or rice) vinegar. For the oil, use 1/2 Corn (or Canola) oil and, 1/2 extra virgin olive oil, (if you use all olive oil, it will solidify in the refrigerator!). Also, I did use half again as much Italian dressing as the recipe called for and the result was good -- not runny. The next time I make this potato salad, I will use Yukon Golds for an even better result in flavor and in eye appeal. Red potatoes would be good toom maybe leaving on some of the skins. As this potato salad included no eggs, I went ahead and boiled three eggs and sliced them thin to garnish the top of the dish. (That way, your guests have a choice of eggs or no eggs). I also sprinkled on just a little paprika for color. All this added a great deal to the overall eye appeal of the dish. I made the potato salad up on the evening before my dinner and stuck it in the fridge, covered, so that the flavors had a better chance to blend and marinate. The resulting potato salad was even better after the 16 hours in the fridge! I served this as a side dish for a Sunday family dinner gathering (BBQ pork country ribs, sauteed cabbage with chipotles, home made garlic bread, brownie and chocolate ice cream dessert, and the potato salad). Everyone LOVED it, especially the potato salad which was the only new recipe that I served in this instance. They all want it again... SOON! Thank you so much, Kate, for posting this fine recipe. It's now in my "Permanent Recipe Collection". big pat *.*

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Bone Man February 11, 2008

Love this recipe but I change the bacon to the turkey bacon.

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catlover54 July 12, 2007

My DH liked this a lot even though an eight year old added an over abundance of pepper...will make again keeping the eight year old and pepper mill miles away. I too added more dressing.

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Terri Anne June 09, 2007

This was a big hit. I to added more dressing and I used regular potatoes and peeled them. I used regular onion and added a tbsp of italian seasong along with salt and pepper. I also added an italian cheese mixture because I didn't have parmesan cheese. Was really good.

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Janteach50 July 24, 2006

This was an excellent potato salad. Just different enough that it was good, but I didn't feel like I was competing with my mother-in-laws. Everybody in the family liked it. I did add a little extra italian dressing to ensure it was moist. Light and refreshing this went well with chicken, but would go really well with shrimp or fish!

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AQueen February 13, 2006

I made this potato salad yesterday for supper and was very pleased with the results! It was delicious! I did everything as the recipe stated, using new potatoes. I left the peel on them and put the dressing on while still quite warm. I also added some extra Italian Garlic seasoning. We all really enjoyed it very much. Thanks!

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MarieRynr May 08, 2005

I love potato salad but have gotten burned out on the mayo/mustard kind. This one was a breath of fresh air, so to speak. The flavor of the Italian dressing and bacon was extra, extra good. I used a little more cheese but just because I was trying to empty out the container. Thanks, we enjoyed this salad.

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lark woods July 19, 2004
Italian Potato Salad