Total Time
1hr 15mins
Prep 15 mins
Cook 1 hr

Our Aunt Marge in Niagara WI makes dozens of these wonderful cookies each year at Christmas time and gives them to her family and friends. We now have our own Pizzelles Iron and enjoy making them also. We like them plain, dusted with powdered sugar, or spread with Cool Whip, jam or butter on top.

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. In a large mixing bowl, beat the eggs and sugar.
  2. Add cooled margarine, vanilla and anise.
  3. Sift flour and baking powder together and.
  4. add to egg mixture. Batter should be stiff enough to be dropped by a spoon.
  5. Preheat Pizzelles Iron and drop one teaspoon of batter on each grid.
  6. Close Iron and bake 30-40 seconds. The time.
  7. could vary depending on your preference of.
  8. browning, or consistency of the batter. So,.
  9. experiment with the first couple of batches.
  10. Pizzelles store well in a covered coffee can.
  11. A Pezzelles Iron can be purchased in most.
  12. department store or on-line.

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