Italian Parmesan Herb Mix

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5 mins
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This came from my Southern Living magazine in an article about homemade food gifts for the holidays. I think nothing says love better than something homemade. It means you took time and thought into making someone a gift. Their suggestions for use are to toss with pasta, veggies, or popcorn, sprinkle over salads, mix with butter and baste hot baked bread with it, or use it in flour for breading chicken.

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  1. Stir together all the ingredients. Package mixture in airtight containers and store in in a cool place or in the refrigerator.
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I love this recipe. I made it to put in my Xmas baskets and it was marvelous. I put the mix into glass parmesan shakers from the dollar store. It looked really nice and was budget friendly.

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This mix will send your tastebuds to singin'. It should be a staple on everyone's refregerator shelf. Use it if even it's just sprinkled on pasta tossed with olive oil. I think it's become my new favorite recipe!

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I used this in a dipping sauce for toasted French bread. Delicious!