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FABULOUS is exactly right on this recipe! I used ground turkey and mixed with my favorite Italian Sausage seasoning. I then added crushed red pepper flakes to half for "hot" sausage as only one of us likes the extra heat. The vegetables take this over the top. They cooked long enough to caramelize the onions & I found I had more than enough filling. (I plan to stuff a pita with it tomorrow.) By the time the bun is crisp and the cheese is melted we were almost sighing from the smells. Thank you for sharing the recipe! =)

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Susie D August 16, 2009

This was a FABULOUS panini Bergy and SO unique - paninis and burgers are two of my favourite sandwiches, and this will be on our menu again......and very soon! I used sun-dried tomato and olive Italian style sausages, skinned them and made them into elongated patties to fit the panini bun. I fried the pepper mixture in a pan on top of the stove and added a few mushrooms to the mix, as I had some spare from a meal last night. Whilst they were frying, I grilled the sausage patties in my GF grill - this is a GREAT tip for those who are watching their waistlines, as the fat just ran off and made a lighter and less greasy pattie. I then followed your instructions for assembling the panini and grilled the sandwich with the pattie and bun in my GF grill - adding the pepper topping afterwards - as there was a lot, due to me adding the mushrooms!! We thoroughly enjoyed this for lunch today, sat outside in the garden with a chilled beer each.......bliss! Made for the July Grilling Photo Event - sorry this is late! FT:-)

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French Tart August 05, 2008
Italian Panini Burger