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This was very good, but I did add more lemon, paprika and sherry to up the flavor a little. Served with brown rice. Thanks and good luck!

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Sharon123 March 06, 2010

I have to admit, I skipped a step and used garlic that was already roasted. But that doesn't matter, what matters is that it was a good recipe, but a little underwhelming. I used more bell pepper and cheese than what the recipe prescribed (not the chef's fault, but when it cimes to cheese recipe I always add more cheese to it). I liked the way the cornstarch thickened the sauce, it was a nice thing to include. I also like the addition of the tomato paste. I think the seasonings need to be doubled though.

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Studentchef March 06, 2010

Made and reviewed for RSC #15. The final taste was fine, but understated, and the recipe was a little awkward because the cook tried a little too hard to fit in the prescribed number of ingredients. It is too uneconomical to heat an oven to roast 6 garlic cloves, so I used chopped fresh garlic, I'm afraid. The thyme and oregano were too little to make much impact, and the 2 teaspoons bell peppers ... hey, too little!! Same for the sherry, paprika, and lemon zest! (Mushrooms can handle quite a good glug of sherry!) The recipe came across as a little "hastily thrown together", but I might be wrong. If this is an inexperienced cook with her/his first creative experiment, all is forgiven! That's what made this entry hard to judge! Thanks, I'm sure a next recipe will be perfect!

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Zurie March 06, 2010

This creative recipe was among my DH's faves in the contest & he chose to put it atop simple roasted potatoes vs eat as a side-dish. From a cook's view, I found the recipe structure faulted in sml ways: 1) I have apparently become too much a creature of cooking habits & prone to error when the order of the listed ingredients does not match the prep. My error was to make the cornstarch mixture early on, set it aside & then forget it existed as part of the recipe. My bad, I know, & there was more liquid than ideal. 2) Prep step #8 said to "cook stir for about 5 min covered". I could not figure out how to cook stir something covered, so I didn't bother w/a cover. 3) IMHO, after Prep step 11 (which I sadly overlooked in error), it is best to transfer the pan contents to a serving dish & then complete the final prep steps so it is table-ready to serve. Otherwise you are skillet serving it to the table .. or .. messing up your final assembly to transfer it to a serving dish. All that said, this was a tasty dish enjoyed by both of us. Made for RSC #15 ~ Thx for sharing your recipe & good luck in the contest.

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twissis March 06, 2010

I have been making a lot of dishes for RSC and I thought I would combine as many as possible, and this was a very nice side dish. Do remember to cover when you cook or you won't have any sauce, as the mushrooms will dry out. I liked the paprika and lemon zest on top as you could taste it better than if it was put in the mix, I didn't think you could taste the thyme and oregano very much I would have liked more of that, I didn't change it as I like to make the recipe the way that the chef has written it. All in all a very nice side dish very quick to make thank you. Made for RSC#15

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Tea Jenny March 06, 2010
Italian Mushroom and Cheese Side Dish