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My lady lost her ancient recipe for Italian meat sauce. Her last concoction was woefully bland.. Searched for something similiar on the web site, and came across this one. At first glance, I said "Hey this is it!" Then I read further, and started asking questions in my mind:

"Is this supposed to be Italian?
Where is the handfull of garlic cloves?
Where is the basil, oregano, and rosemary that defines "Italian?"
Where are the bay leaves?"

I loved the "process and listed ingredients,and shall use them, except the carrots." But, this recipe, as written, leaves out key ingredients on the way to becoming Italian, as I have experienced it and enjoyed it.. But then, who am I to dictate or even critique taste? Keep on cookin JaLee, there is room for all manner of tastes... PP

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WokBurner July 07, 2011

Great tasting sauce! My whole family liked it and when I asked if they preferred this one to mine they all said this one...boohoo... but thanks, I preferred this one too., LOL!

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Julie B's Hive February 20, 2007
Italian Meat Sauce