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This is wonderful and packed full of healthy veggies. We used leftover spaghetti sauce and left out the bell pepper and onions. Because I live in a high altitude area and never know how the beans will behave I soaked the lentiles for a couple of hours before using them--the result was tender lentiles and wonderful soup. We had this with Pumpkin Rye Yeast Bread Pumpkin Rye Yeast Bread--the perfect accompaniant. Thanks for sharing this keeper--we will be having this often this winter.

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ellie_ October 21, 2004

Pretty good. If I make this again, I will either soak the lentils first or cook them longer (I cooked them close to 10 hours but they were just a tad undercooked I think). I'd add more liquid too. Maybe vegetable broth or beef broth or something.

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Jennifer F. September 30, 2013

Great 1 dish recipe. If you're stuck without a stove and want a good meal, do this one!

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Kalamazoo Sova September 04, 2010

Barb, what a wonderful healthy crock-pot meal you have here! I forgot the potato and used vegetable broth instead of water. The lentils make this nice and hearty. I did add some garlic chili sauce to my bowl to add some heat! Makes much more than 5 servings I think.

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Brooke the Cook in WI April 13, 2010

Just lovely and perfect for a cold fall day. I have a really big crockpot and had a huge butternut squash to use up so I added an extra cup of stock (which I used instead of water). I also left out the oil and parmesan cheese due to our diet- but otherwise, followed the recipe. The cook time was right on and we really enjoyed it. There's a ton so I'll be freezing some. Thanks for sharing this recipe, would make it again.

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VegSocialWorker November 21, 2006

All I need to say is that ALL of my children liked this, including the one who despises, hates veggies! I almost dropped over when he said,"Thanks for the great dinner, mom!" I was about brain dead from lack of sleep, so I didn't put in the marinara sauce right away. Then instead of two cups, I put in a jar of sauce and a can of chicken stock. I salted with garlic salt and added some pepper. Thanks, Barb for sharing a great recipe!

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Mom of Five September 27, 2006

This is the second recipe we've tried with butternut squash and I guess we're just not butternut squash people, because both recipes tasted very bland. But after reading the other reviews I guess some people love butternut squash. Thanks for posting this though, so we can try new things and explore our tastes.

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kindcook March 28, 2006

Oh this was good! I had half a butternut squash to use up and decided this was the way to go. I used frozen green beans and frozen green peppers but otherwise pretty much followed the recipe. I put everything in the crockpot before I took my oldest to school. I was running some errands with my younger child before it was time to take her to school and I was thinking "I wonder what makes it Italian? Well, the marinara sauce probably. Ah!!!" I had left it out. So I ran home and used up some leftover bottled spaghetti sauce. I just mixed it into the top layer of veggies. This has a beautiful color and flavor. It is very hearty and filled me up for hours. Thanks for a definite keeper!

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ladypit November 17, 2004
Italian Lentil & Vegetable Stew (Crock Pot)