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These cookies were very good, but I would probably make a few changes when I make them again. I think the flour and milk should be added alternately--I felt I was overbeating, as it took quite a bit of mixing to incorporate the milk into the stiff dough after all the flour was added. Although the butter will inhibit gluten development and help keep the cookies tender, I suppose it is just stuck in my head that cookie dough should not be beaten after the flour is mixed in to avoid developing the gluten. I found it difficult to roll the dough into 24-inch ropes and keep it an even thickness, so I divided the dough again so I only had to deal with 12 inches at a time. (You'll probably want to flour your board before trying to work with the dough.) I also had a problem twisting and making loops out of the 3-inch segments (at least the way I interpreted the directions), so I basically ended up with small circles. Unless I was making larger cookies, next time I would skip the labor-intensive roping and shaping and just shape them into slightly-flattened balls. With cookies of this size, the shape seems to get lost anyway by the time they are baked and decorated. I was trying to stay true to the recipe since I hoped to submit a representative photo, but in the future will take you up on your suggestion to shape them however I like (which for me will be the easy way). :) After tasting the baked cookies prior to icing them, even though I added extra lemon zest, the lemon flavor just didn't seem to come through so I used lemon juice rather than orange to thin the icing and just dipped the tops of the cookies in it instead of brushing it on. Next time, I think I would substitute a bit of lemon extract for some of the vanilla in the dough.I hope I don't sound negative, because we did enjoy these cookies--thanks for posting the recipe!

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GaylaJ February 10, 2006

I added 1 teaspoon of vanilla and

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krios519 September 03, 2008

Easy redipe but I added lemon juice in addition to the lemon zest. The family likes the cookies with a lot of lemon flavor.

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declement4870 December 13, 2006

Yum,Yum Lubie!This was my first experience with Italian cookies adn I have definatly found a nice alternative to my regular sugar cookies.My dough was very soft so when I rolled it out I added a modest amount of flour so I could handle it,I rolled out a long strips and cut small pieces from it.The icing adds the perfect touch.Thank you for adding variety to my holiday cookie assortment!

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crawfish pie December 11, 2003
Italian Lemon Cookies