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Delicious! This is very simple and very good. I did have a problem keeping the coating on the shanks while browning (in olive oil) - it kept falling off. You never mentioned any sauce in the recipe, so I'm not sure if this was supposed to happen or not, but when they were finished, my braising liquid was quite thick so I tasted it and it was wonderful. We ended up pouring some of this over the shanks which were great on their own, but this just sent them over the top. The marinade and the parmesan mixture really had a lot of flavor. I didn't measure the water that I added for simmering, but I'm guessing that it was around 2 1/2 cups (for 2 shanks in a Dutch oven). My picture isn't that good, but I hope it does show how tender the meat was - it was literally falling off of the bone. And lastly, our dog also rated this at 5-stars - he's been loving the bones! Thanks twissis for a real winner.

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lazyme January 09, 2007
Italian Lamb Shanks (Zwt II)