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Yum-O! I did it a little differently, but the results were spectacular! Instead of letting the sandwich have a rest in the fridge, I brushed the dressing on the bread, added the meat, and added cheese on each side of the bread. Then I broiled the sandwich just until the cheese was golden and bubbly. Mmmm! This makes you want sandwiches for dinner every night! Thanks! :)

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Kay D. May 24, 2006

This was absolutely delicious. Keep in mind that you can be flexible with the meats and cheeses - every deli does it their own way. I can't get the good stuff where I live now, so I just used Genoa salami, cracked pepper turkey, provolone, and Lacey Swiss. Some places use ham or prosciutto or pastrami, some put mozzarella; use what you can find and what sounds good to you. Thanks so much for this recipe, the dressing was exactly what I was looking for!

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katendaisy February 13, 2016

Now this is my kind of sandwich!!! I could have eaten another one! I left out the mustard, and I added a 1/2 tsp. sugar in with the oil and vinegar. I also added in a few shakes of Italian seasoning. The combination of meats were excellent, and right on when it comes to a true "Hero" sandwich. My grandmother would be proud :) I will make these again soon! Thanks for sharing!

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MichelleOnTheLake October 09, 2008

Wow, this is one sandwich that is in a class of it's own. EXCELLENT! I made per the recipe except that I eliminated the lettuce and cherry peppers, increased the pepperoncini peppers to 1 c. and did not chop or remove seeds. I added sliced green pepper, black olives, onions, and dill pickles. I used Marianne Baguette - Traditional Rustic French Bread for the rolls. Like I said it doesn't get any better than this sandwich! Milt

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miltt May 20, 2008

Very good sandwich especially if your using fresh deli meats. Be sure and have plenty of napkins handy.

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Wing-Man June 01, 2005

I made this for lunch for my DH and he said it was the best sandwich he has ever eaten! He gave it 10 stars. I made it the night before and wrapped it tightly in plastic wrap and it held up wonderfully. Great sandwhich for lunch boxes or meals to make ahead of time! I did not put the pepperoncini or the cherry peppers on the sandwich during its stay in the fridge. I put them in a seperate container and DH put them on himself. Great recipe!! Thanks!

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NcMysteryShopper April 28, 2005
Italian Hero Sandwich