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This was delicious. I served it over a bowl of polenta, and it was the ultimate comfort-food meal. I'll be making this again and often.

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Halima Dances January 04, 2011

So delicious!!!!!! Ragouts are some of my favorite dishes, they have such depth of flavor and the veggies are usually the stars!!! I added a few things to enhance it even further for myself and for fun!!! First, I salted and removed the bitterness of the eggplant then roasted it using Roasted Eggplant for Pasta and Recipes , Roasted Eggplant for Pasta and Recipes,,that I really love the method and flavor of. This really sent the flavor of the eggplant into the stratosphere and lessened the time it needed to be in the skillet. I used fire-roasted tomatoes, threw in some chopped black olives and in place of parsley, I used arugula. This recipe is wonderful, it has great flavor, balance and you can tweak it with a few different veggies here and there that won't change the delicious outcome!!! Thanks so much for the recipe!!!

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Chef*Lee June 22, 2009

I was going to post this and here it is. This is wonderful. Only change I made was I added crushed red peppers to the onions which spiced it up. We had it over rigatoni. It's good on it's own, but I would add a small can of tomato sacue if using over pasta. This is a keeper!

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Panebianco October 24, 2008

Even my husband liked this recipe and he usually doesn't get excited over vegetarian meals. I added extra tomatoes and capers; additionally, my mother made this without salting the eggplant (high blood pressure) and it was also very yummy. I served over brown rice and added a bit of asiago at the table. Don't skip the parsley (sometimes I find parsley is not necessary, I really think in this recipe it is).

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melister August 05, 2008

This turned out quite tasty. I have to admit that eggplant is not a favorite in our house, but we keep getting them in our CSA box so I've been hunting for great ways to cook them. This did the trick. I love the technique of de=seeding and then sweating them with salt. This really helps with the texture- which is what we generally have a problem with. The flavors were great, though I did add fresh basil (another thing from our CSA box that needs to be used up) as well as some hot pepper flakes. Hubby said that he really liked the capers and that this is what made the dish for hom. We served it over whole wheat pasta. Thanks for posting this recipe and helping us with our eggplant "problem"!

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VegSocialWorker August 03, 2008
Italian Eggplant Ragout