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9/28/2010...OMG is this the third year in a row that I'm using this recipe? Yup, sure is! This is my "go to" Easter Ham Pie recipe.... I want to say thank you so much for posting this recipe, Dee. This meant so much to me and my family. Nearly every Italian family that makes this has their own version of this recipe. Some use pepperoni, some use soprasad (sp?), some have hard boiled eggs, some have pasta… the variations go on forever. Your recipe is almost EXACTLY the same as my Grandmom used to make. The only difference is that we used ‘basket cheese’ which is a drained ricotta in stead of mozzarella, and we used to have Grandpops’ made salami in place of cooked ham. YES this is a long process, but SO WORTH IT! The goal is to be as good as Grandmom’s and this year, WE DID IT! (I’m saying we, because I couldn’t have done it without your recipe) I doubled everything with no problems (even actually a little filling left over) and had to bake a little longer but that may be because the oven is on its way out the door. So THANKS AGAIN for sharing this, delicious, rich, slightly salty wonderful recipe!

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CHRISSYG March 28, 2010

I always made this using my mom's recipe which included assorted inported Italian cold cuts and sausages. This year I made Dee's version. I used purchases pizza dough--followed the filling ingredients to a T and baked it all in a 9x 13 for an about a hour. It was so delicious---We all loved it! Thanks Dee!

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Richard-NYC April 16, 2006

First generation Italians NEVER put regular ham in anything .I never even ate american style ham till i was fifteen and NEVER on easter. the proper thing to put in the pie is diced 1/4 inch thick pieces of sweet capacola and 1/4 inch thick diced pieces of proccutto and if you like diced pieces of dried sausage - and dont go getting that boars head or hormel stuff - get it all from an Italian deli . never slice the meat always dice it. Also fresh ground pepper is key.

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cjpesa April 01, 2015
Italian Easter Pie /Pizza Rustica (Aka "Ham Pie")