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My husband and I loved this recipe. We used fettuccini instead of the Pappardelli, which was really good. Have been passing this recipe along.

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Wendy P. January 19, 2015

We LOVED this! I'd actually found this exact recipe on two sites, and slight variations on two others. Next time I'll take a picture and post - with all the peppers, basil, parsley and Parmesan garnish - it's a beautiful and colorful dish.<br/>--On the other site, it mentioned you could substitute egg noodles since Pappardelle noodles are hard to find. Instead of 8 oz, I used a 12 oz package. <br/>--Also, I was afraid I and my youngest child wouldn't like the spicy sausage, so I used regular sausage (not "sweet", not ?breakfast?). <br/>--I didn't measure a 1/4 cup of of Basil; I used an entire 2 oz package, which looked about the same. <br/>--Other than those adjustments, I followed the recipe exactly. <br/>--I live at a high altitude, so cooking pasta always takes me longer than the package says. I don't know why, but this dish took me about 55 minutes from start to finish. I'll start the noodles sooner next time; I think I can get it down to 45 minutes.<br/>--We eat large portion sizes (3 of us had seconds!), so for us, it served 5.<br/><br/>My youngest likes sausage, but didn't like this sausage, nor does she like peppers. So she basically ate the tomato sauce with the noodles. But my spouse, oldest and I all LOVED this. We?ll be adding this to my menu rotation!

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Teriko S. January 13, 2015

This dish is SO GOOD ! The sauce has depth and the flavors linger on your palate.<br/>I especially liked that the pasta/sausage ratio was far less than the veggies. Loads of color on the plate. Will definitely make again and again.<br/>Makes sure to top with additional fresh basil and shaved Parmesan !

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pita7317 July 09, 2014

I've been seeing this all over Pinterest for months and found it here. Glad it was posted!! This took a little over an hour to make, but it was good!! The fresh basil on top when served was key, as was some Parmesan.

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Charmie777 July 28, 2013
Italian “Drunken” Noodles With Spicy Italian Sausage