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Based on the 5-star rating and reviews, I am making this now...easy recipe (only one pot!) and I wish you could smell the aroma in my kitchen! The only change I made was that I didn't have any thyme in the house; so I used an Italian Seasoning blend of dried herbs, added a few fresh basil leaves and cut the garlic down to 2 large cloves. I will serve it over fried polenta slices and garnish it with grated Parmesan. Yum, Yum, Yum!!!

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jpmonte September 16, 2013

Being new to NOLA, i wanted to try something new from a farm stand. the cucuzza caught my attention being only $2.00 for such a big squash. plenty for several recipe's. i made this stew with hot Italian sausage instead of hamburg.(i used a roll of jimmy dean & made small meatballs like chunks ) I don't like whole tomatoes, so i used diced tomatoes with green chilies. 1 green bell pepper diced, i added about 7 bay leaves, a little rosemary & oregano. simmered about 1hr 1/2 over low served it over penn pasta ,garnished with grated Romano cheese, a side slice of French bread. my husband said i could make it again :-) he kept saying how it's bursting with so many flavors in different directions( prob the closest i got him to Italy with any dish i have ever made him) most def will make this again....the leftover pasta i mixed in for the next day was even yummier as it all had time to season...p.s while the stew was simmering, i made the chocolate cucuzza cake ..... thanks

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vermontanainola July 30, 2013

I am growing cucuzza in my backyard, never have enough recipes. This one was excellent, I made it this morning while everyone was asleep, only I added homemade red gravy &Italian cheese & I will probably serve it over Pasta. Love getting family recipes & adding my own touch, its fun.

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Madeline Ringer August 11, 2012

Yesterday I tried this recipe and it was a hit with everyone in the family - even my 2 year old! Like AuntMare mine turned out very juicy but that is just the way we like it. I used ground regular sausage, fresh lemon thyme from my garden and added fennel stalks and fronds (also from the garden). I had run out of tomatoes but had one container of frozen tomatillos and one of tomatoes that added up to the 28 oz and it turned out just great. The only thing I think I would change or add next time is to use chicken/beef stock or broth or at least add boullion to add some richness to the broth. Super yummy, went back for seconds and probably would ahave made myself sick eating it if I didn't control myself. Thanks so much for your grandmother's recipe.

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earthformed July 22, 2011

I made this tonight and my husband ate until he almost popped. Mine turned out more like soup, very juicy, but the flavor was excellent. Someone gave us the cucuzza and I searched for days trying to find a recipe that would please everyone in the family. This was it. Thanks for posting.

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AuntMare September 24, 2007

This was delicious and so easy to make. I followed the directions exactly, but had a very large cucuzza so only used half of it. I served this stew with garlic bread, but I think it would be nice over rice or pasta too. I had leftovers for lunch today and the flavor was even better the second day. I'm always searching for recipes to use up my cucuzza squash, so I was really excited to find this recipe. Thanks Ntune2food for posting your grandmother's recipe!

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Kim D. September 11, 2007
Italian Cucuzza Stew