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Lovely biscuits,they were gone as soon as they cooled down!So I,ll be making more!

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Norahs Girl September 21, 2001

We loved these cookies! They're very buttery, not too sweet. They just melt in your mouth. I cut the recipe in half, but next time I will do the whole recipe and freeze some to have them handy. Very easy to make.

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MizzNezz March 30, 2002

Very Good and very easy -- light and tasty. I baked a small batch exactly as directed -- they were good, but a bit flat. For the second batch I added a pinch of salt, that helped a bit, but I thought they could use a bit more flavor and texture so I added a 1/4 cup of vanilla sugar. That really rounded off the flavor. I would suggest adding 6 tablespoons of vanilla sugar to the whole batch or 6 tb of granulated sugar and another 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract. I got 110 cookies with a small cookie scoup -- they took 16 minutes to cook, I did two sheet at once -- reversing the sheets and a flipping them 180 degrees after 8 minutes.

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Steve_G December 06, 2002

What a wonderful cookie! This was my favorite out of all the cookies I made this Christmas, and also the one that generated the most positive comments. Probably wouldn't be much of a 'kid pleaser' as they're not overly sweet, but adults raved about them. I doubled the vanilla, just because I always do when making cookies. I sifted powdered sugar on them as they sat on the cooking rack. Perfect!

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Jane*in*RI December 29, 2003

Delicious! Mine ended up very flat compared to the ones in the picture - but oh boy were they good! They were crispy at the first bite, but then melted away in your mouth. This recipe made LOTS of cookies - so if I make them again I might only make half the recipe. Thanks for the great cookie recipe!

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SweetChef December 28, 2007

A wonderful cookie! Just melts away.

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CoffeeMom April 07, 2006

What delicious and delicate little cookies. They were absolutely my favorite of all the varieties I made last year! I added additional vanilla as suggested by other reviewers, good tip. Also used a small cookie scoop and flattened the balls of dough gently with a glass dipped in fine granulated sugar, negating the need of sprinkling on more powdered sugar after baking. These were easy to prepare & froze well, but take care not to overbake them as they will burn easily. They do still taste great even when quite brown!

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LoriLou December 19, 2004

Outstanding cookie, melts in your mouth, suprisingly light, without being too crumbly or fragile. I did as the recipe said and dusted some of the baked cookies with powdered sugar, but to break it up, I pressed some leftover finely chopped walnuts onto the tops of some of the pre-baked cookies and baked as normal, without dipping in the sugar afterwards. They came out more of a golden shade, but it made a lovely contrast with the powdered ones on my cookie platter.

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Nanners November 05, 2004
Italian Butter Cookies