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This was so easy... and so good! I followed the directions as is, except that I used "quick rise yeast", which meant that within an hour and a half (give or take) from start to finish, I had bread! I did not put the dough in the fridge. Really good! Thanks for sharing!!!

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Canby Cook April 22, 2010

TERRIFIC BREAD! And I'm a big bread snob! this was amazing--great crust. A few things I did: 1) I didn't let it rise in the fridge, since my fridge was way too packed to allow two loaves of bread to rise in it. :lol: Next time, I'd like to see how it might rise with the lower temp in the fridge and will plan ahead to have fewer things in my fridge then. 2) I put a pan of water in the oven to humidify it when I started to preheat it to 425. 3) I baked this on my pizza stone. in order to do this, I had to "bend" the bread into a U-shape. (See picture!) This bread would look more authentic if it were a straight baguette shape, but I was constrained by my pizza stone. this was a great recipe, Dee!!! thank you for posting--I'll definitely make this more than one time! UPDATE: I have made this bread probably 7 or 8 times since my first review in June 2004, but felt the need to update this time. I did do the refrigerator slow rise this time for 6 hours, and it was ready in time for my 3:30 easter dinner (I had to get up early!) Also, I bought some cheap straight razors at the grocery store and found that my slashes were SOOOOO much better than with my sharpest knife....a good tip I picked up from another cooking site. Anyway,this is a terrific recipe and seems to be no-fail for all I've put it through in my varied attempts. Thanks again, Dee!

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spatchcock March 29, 2005

DELICIOUS!! I made two loaves, one to go with our dinner of Cheese Stuffed Shells, and Caesar salad and one to give to a friend for his birthday. After dinner I didn't want to give the second loaf away!!! :) It had a lovely crisp crust with a soft, chewy interior. I served it with Parmesan and Garlic Dipping Oil and it was the PERFECT accompaniment. The only thing I did differently was I used olive oil instead of peanut oil and I used my usual bulk yeast, 2 Tbls. of it. Make sure you watch the bread after adding the egg white. Mine browned FAST. The corn meal on the pan started smoking and burning by the end too but it didn't affect the bread. One other note, the prep time *doesn't* include rise time so make sure you figure that into your plans. An excellent recipe. I will be making this again! Thanks!

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Marg (CaymanDesigns) April 04, 2007

A fantastic, easy recipe - thank you! Love the texture and the crust. It's a keeper.

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Stormee February 16, 2015

This bread is amazing, I love New York italien bread. This is the closest I have come to finding a recipe that is similar. I have tried complicated recipes simple ones this is by far the best! I used my bread machine to knead it. I have a Zojirush machine and I melted butter put it in bottom bread machine pan along with water , then flour , on top of the flour on one side I placed salt and sugar and yeast on the other side. When the machine was done I shaped the bread and then put it on cookie sheet w parchment paper then I placed a paper towel and let it rise for one hour. I brushed the bread with egg wash and put it In a 350degree oven. I bake the bread for 30minutes.

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jewels1692_4082114 December 27, 2013

I have made bread from this recipe dozens and dozens of times and it has NEVER FAILED to make the most wonderful loaf of bread. I use my stand mixer and knead the bread with the dough hook. I bake it at a lower temp in the oven, thought. I freeze the second loaf to enjoy another day. Would agree with njuniee's opinion that it is more like french bread . . but still GREAT. I HIGHLY recommend this recipe.

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SherryHi November 23, 2013

Wow! This bread is amazing! I was having company the other night and wanted a good bread to go with the lasagna I was making. This was perfect! Our guests kept eating it and have requested I bring some to our next get together. I am not an expert bread baker so for it to turn out so well says a lot about this recipe and the ease of it! One thing that I would mention is that when you cover the dough with plastic wrap, be sure to oil or put extra flour on the top of the dough. Mine ended up being a sticky mess when I went to uncover it. I just made another batch today and doubled it as it was gone way too fast the first time I made it!

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mideastmom July 19, 2013

I love this bread, comes close to grandma's from Sicily.
I rise at room temp, be aware time is temp dependent, so learn to judge by size not time.
After second rising I split in two, roll each piece out and twist around my index finger to make a circle. I then pinch outside piece to hold shape, and razor 3 cuts , one down each side a third of the way around,about 1inch deep..while still holding on your finger. I make these ( as grandma did) to make a round loaf with several "rolls" that can be broken off while steamy hot. This prevents compressing the hot bread if you try to cut it hot.
Please note round loaves take 10 min more to bake. You can also do away with the cornmeal and pizza stone if you use well seasoned bread pans( I have my grandma' s 50 year old heavy pie tins that she had someone drill holes in the bottom). I place the loaves in them for the second rising after making the razor cuts above, and cover with dishcloths. Grandmas were made out of flour sacs....

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ChiMan November 22, 2012

Not good... turned out like french bread and a led sinker to boot. Refridgerator rising is the issue. May try this again but will definitely not put in the refridgerator. Also, no need to use any more than 4 cups of flour.

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njuniee_13122612 February 24, 2012

Very very good bread!! This was my first time making bread from scratch and it turned out great! Easy to follow!! Did have to adjust time but that's the case when baking anything.

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amrietta January 09, 2012
Italian Bread