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terrific recipe and will be making it often.

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Gail Stoldt April 21, 2011

Pretty good. When I made it, I accidentally added a full 30oz beef broth. Next time I will pay more attention to what I am doing when I pour it in. I did not add beer, really think its pretty good without it. I added the pepperocini juices in at the start, not 3 hrs into cooking. I did the full 16oz pepperocini jar to the crock pot and saved the peppers for later. The peppers are not very good after cooking them in the crock pot either. Too oily. But the juices really make the meat tender. I also added some whole black pepper corns and some ground black pepper. I also threw in some red potatoes. Def will make this again, with a few changes of course.

Made it again at my husbands request, only cut down on the beef broth and added some New Castle Beer. Turned out phenomenal.

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Vicky D February 27, 2011

This beef is similiar to another one listed on zaar. The only difference was adding chopped onions and French onion soup. I omited the chopped onion for the French onion soup and left out the beer for the beef broth. This is way to much liquid for a crockpot. When crockpot cooking, you cut back on the liquid because it produces it own. I placed everything in the crockpot and cooked it for 10 hours on low because I was going to be gone all day. Adding the French onion soup was a nice touch. Thanks for posting a great recipe.

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Audrey M June 17, 2003
Italian Beef With A Kick