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I made this exactly as stated about a month ago and I must say it was excellent. You are right, the next day is even better! Off to make it again right now... perfect for this drizzly fall day.

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Whirlwind October 17, 2009

I had a real hard time following this recipe. I started preparing this dish as the instructions stated but found myself freaking out on the 2nd step when I didn't know what temp to use and the dish started burning. I have tomato puree burns on my wrists and stains on my shirt from the splash back trying to assume what temp I should be using. Also the recipe doesn't mention if the pot should be uncovered or covered during any of the steps. I see on the last step a temp is finally mentioned but that doesn't help if I can't get through the initial steps. These recipe needs more detailed instructions.

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Anonymous December 04, 2015

This was really good. The carrots went especially well with the rest of the ingredients. I served this meal over white rice. Perfect as a hearty meal.

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Scribbler515 January 07, 2015
Italian Beef or Veal Stew