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This is very simple and delicious. As a vegetarian, I like to bring this dish to put lucks. My kids really like this as well.

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michelle July 21, 2010

so very easy and so very very good.. a simple pleasure to make and to eat.. I did put a extra splash of balsamic (only because I love it) it chilled a couple hours till I HAD to taste it..it is very good love the way everything just works so well together too I love the celery tastes too.. I did cut my celery thin..not paper thin but on the thin side I was too lazy to "mince" my parsley I picked fresh 2 days ago i just sort of snipped it up with my kitchen shears.. not only is it good..it is pretty too for such few ingredients it has color and a wonderful flavor.. it is great today but I'm betting this will be one that will be really awsome for lunch tomorrow Thanks Barb this is a keeper/do again & again recipe that I am happy to have found

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gruntlady September 17, 2006

This was okay. I thought it needed a lot more to it. I added some garlic, more onion and celery. I really couldn't put my finger on it but it was missing something for us. Thanks for the recipe tho! I enjoyed making it!

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*pink* July 11, 2012
Italian Bean Salad