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I have been trying to get this cookie right for three years now. I had almost given up. As an Irish girl, I have ZERO experience with this cookie. I had never had it before and didn't know how it was supposed to taste. The first time I made them (from another recipe) they were ROCK HARD and so dry. Awful. My husband tried them on my first attempt and said "Yep, this is the taste...but they are a little bit...erm...drier than I recall..." I was slightly defeated and ready to give up. However, my step daughter (VERY Italian on her mother's side) dearly loves these cookies. She asks for them every year. This recipe was my saving grace! My ten year old step daughter declared them "EXACTLY LIKE GRANDMA'S!!!" Which is high praise indeed as her grandma is well known for her "sprinkle cookies". I ended up using almond extract instead of Anise. That's how it's done here in New Jersey so I've been told. The cookies came out fluffy and cake like and so delicious. I'm thrilled to have been able to grant my darling step daughter's Christmas wish for these cookies.

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campbellscot21 December 23, 2008

These are pretty close to my grandma's. If you want the authentic secret, forget about the extract and use real Anisette liqueur. I'm sure you could use Amaretto liqueur if that's your thing, but Anisette is the right call for these cookies and biscotti. The Amaretto is for the Cannolis.

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AndyNJ24 December 16, 2011

This recipe tastes EXACTLY the way my Sicilian neighbor used to make them. Tender, flavorful, and oh-so-pretty. I have Celiac, so I made these gluten-free - I used a combo of brown rice flour, potato starch and tapioca starch (all common in gluten-free baking) in place of the all-purpose flour. I also added 1/2 a teaspoon of xanthan gum to the batter recipe. The cookies are divine! No one knows they are gluten-free - they just taste simply PERFECT. Thanks so much!

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RoseLokoum April 23, 2011

These cookies weren't difficult to bake (and I am NO baker by ANY means)and everyone loved them, except one person who thought they were too cakey.

I did double the amount of anise to 1/4 tsp in the icing and it was fabulous.

As she recommended, I used her exact measurements of milk and sugar for the icing and after each batch came out of the oven I microwaved the whole bowl for ten seconds and then it was nice and thin. I found I had to hold the tray of cookies with my left hand, remove a cookie with my right, dip it into the icing, put the cookie on the rack, and then sprinkle it with the little dots. I think if you dunk them all into the icing, by the time you get around to putting the dots on, the icing would be too hard for the dots to stick.

Also, the recipe did NOT take nearly the 3 "possible" cups of flour. It couldn't even take 2.5. I ended up throwing out about 1/4 of flour because the dough was quite dry and I used all three TBS of milk.

Next time I'll use 2 1/4 cups of flour and probably only 2 tsp of baking powder. Maybe they'll be a little less cakey. Not that cakey is a bad thing. :)

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amybeth4 March 14, 2012

I usually don't like cookies that are this "cakey" but I really enjoy this recipe. I substituted with almond milk and used powdered anise with almond extract.

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tflores21 December 11, 2011

WOW! This recipe is a big keeper!
Thanks a lot for posting it!
I prepared the green ones with almond aroma (in the glaze I used powdered sugar, Amaretto and color) and the red ones with anise seeds ground (in the glaze powdered sugar, ouzo and red color).

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awalde December 01, 2011

This is like being a kid at my Nunny's (grandmother's) all over again!!! She made these every christmas, and the smell of Anise reminds me of her. We made these today, one batch Anise, one, Almond, and we did one lemon. All were great!

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kbates December 05, 2009

These are truly exceptional cookies and well worth the effort to follow the directions as presented. The cookie itself is light and pillowy with a soft cake inside and delicate exterior (neither crispy nor chewy). The anise is present enough to please those of us who are devotees but gentle enough not to discourage others from enjoying. Based on the results, I am thinking of adding these to my Christmas trays using white icing and an assortment of themed sprinkles. I made my dough today and bake three cookies as testers. The rest of the dough is frozen for baking closer to Easter. Will report back on that experiment. Thanks Cookin'Diva.

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justcallmetoni March 18, 2007

Made these tonight--recipe followed to the T, and they turned outlet terribly. Even made a couple test batches to test doneness at 8 min, 10min and 12min. 10min was perfect, but cookies were bland, not sweet enough and had zero flavor. They also tasted substantially of that raw floury taste. I used all fresh ingredients and I'm a pretty experienced baker. I was looking for that classic delicious anisette cookie flavor and certainly didn't find it with this recipe. A decent amount of work for a very lackluster outcome.

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Jake Grauds December 23, 2014

Great recipe and a classic Christmas cookie. Easy to make. Do not overcook and be mindful of your specific oven temp. <br/>Using your advice on the "brownie batter appearance" of the dough, I just about doubled the milk. This creates luscious looking batter. <br/>With a little bit of difficulty, I loaded the batter into a pastry bag with a wide tip. It was so much easier to pipe them out. <br/>Be very careful of Anise Extract. It is much stronger the vanilla and almond with which we are familiar. A 1/8 teaspoon for the icing is appropriate. <br/>For those of you with a Kitchen Aid mixers, please know a double batch fits well in a 4 qt bowl. <br/>This is a superb cookie, light as air, very attractive on a mixed platter, and unusual enough to garner attention.

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Daughn S. December 16, 2014
Italian Anise Cookies With Icing and Sprinkles