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This was a flop for me. There was no way it would've formed balls -- the dough was very wet. I dropped it by teaspoons and got about twice as many as the recipe said it would make. They spread out quite a bit on the cookie sheet, and burned to a crisp in about two minutes less time than the recipe said to bake them. It seems like maybe there wasn't enough flour (like, about twice as much might have done it). Think I'll try it again with double the amount of flour, and submit a correction. Meanwhile, I'm hoping someone else has tried it and can give me some suggestions. Frances

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ccferne November 08, 2001

This recipe is too moist to be able to form balls so I also dropped it by the teaspoonful and left pleny of room for the biscuits to be able to expand. These are very easy otherwise and attracted my eye for being something that was quick, easy and filled in some of the gaps in nutrition of our vegetarian lifestyle. Also very toddler friendly.

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Missy Wombat August 03, 2003

Hmm I had some of the issues that others did. I am thinking maybe the eggs are not meant to be large or X-large as the batter was too soft to form into balls immediately. I added extra sugar and feel itis needed. They were still not very sweet but I did add extra flour. I made ours to be gluten free using a white rice flour, tapioca starch mix, canola oil to have a neutral taste after reading reviews, I ended up not having enough sesame seeds (it still would have been runny if I'd used enough) they turned out fine though, I just had to cook them less time and leave a lot of space for them to spread. I left some of the batter in the refrigerator over night too and it did firm it up somewhat so I was able to make some more like the recipe states.

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UmmBinat April 23, 2012

Based on previous reviews, I doubled the flour (1 cup in total) to make a stiff dough. I also added grated orange zest to lift the sesame flavour a little. The dough was still a little sticky to handle (and I didn't have time to refrigerate), so I dropped walnut sized pieces of dough onto the baking sheets with teaspoons and got 40 cookie in total. Nice to have a cookie recipe where the largest ingredients aren't flour / sugar / butter.

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louise.daglish December 06, 2008

I really didn't like these. They could use more sugar, maybe 3/4c or 1c. Also, I found that if you refrigerate the batter for about an hour, they'll firm up enough to handle.

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mle234 March 05, 2008

These turned out to be very good cookies! They have good flavor, are crisp and light. I baked them on parchment paper. Thanks for posting this easy recipe.

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Pesto lover December 20, 2007

I like many of Mirj's recipes and that is what made me try this one. This is delicious. Crispy, easy and very popular with the crowds at my house.

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luckyred December 04, 2006
Israeli Sum Sum Sesame Cookies