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My housemate made this cake a few times last year, normally substituting vodka and Kahlua for the wine and rum. He always managed to make it the weekends I was out of town, so I haven't tasted it myself. However, as a result of him making a cake for his last shift as a waiter this summer, this cake is now on the dessert menu at a 5* restaurant on the south coast of England.

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hels October 02, 2005

Thanks so much for posting this recipe, I had been looking for it forever! I had a few problems with the cake and I think I managed to work it out so it's perfect (at least for me). First, you just can't fold the flour and baking powder into the egg whites, there's too much flour. The best you can do is mix it gently and hope the whites don't deflate too much. In the end the cake comes out a little dense in any case, so don't worry about deflation. Secondly, reserving half of the chocolate batter makes much too much icing. 1/3 of the batter is fine. I used 1/2 the batter the first time and it just ran over the sides of the cake and puddled at the bottom of the pan. The only real change I made to the original recipe was to subsitute vanilla for the wine and rum. The cake should get 5 stars for taste, but I'm giving it three stars because the insructions are not completely clear and could be improved.

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Mirj March 19, 2005
Israeli Chocolate Cake With Instant Icing