Total Time
25hrs 30mins
Prep 24 hrs
Cook 1 hr 30 mins

This is sooo good... pork and onions simmered with coconut milk, soy sauce, cumin, coriander and ginger, sweetened with a little molasses and spiked with chili sauce... The pork can marinate for up to about a day and a half; then simmer away and dish up on a bed of rice.

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  1. Combine the molasses, soy sauce, chili sauce, coriander, cumin, ginger and garlic salt in a plastic zipper bag; add the pork, rubbing the spices and sauces into the meat, and marinate in the refrigerator overnight or up to 1-1/2 days.
  2. Heat oil and saute the pork slowly (this may take a couple of batches) until nicely browned.
  3. Remove pork and set aside, then saute onion in the pan drippings.
  4. Return pork to the pan, add the coconut milk and slowly simmer, covered, until pork is fully cooked and tender with no trace of pink; the longer the better for more flavor (around an hour).
  5. Season to taste (adding more chili sauce if you like a hotter dish). Serve with rice and garnish with shredded carrots, celery and onion if you like.
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Just realized I never reviewed this recipe even though it's been ages since I made it. This is really good. It has a nice spice taste to it w/out being overwhelming. The only thing I did differently was I used about 3 tbsps. lime juice after it was done cooking before I served it and I used crushed garlic (about 3 cloves worth) rather than garlic salt. Great recipe. thanks for sharing!

JanetB-KY June 18, 2006

I took a chance and just dumped every ingredient into the crock pot and cooked on high for about 4-5 hours. I skipped marinating and was unsure about what kind of chili sauce to use, so used 1 Tbsp. of Heinz chili sauce and 1 Tbsp. or a bit more of Thai sweet red chili. It was certainly not too hot. In fact, there was very little heat at all. I used 3 fairly large boneless country ribs that were partially frozen still. I put all the other things on top of the meat and just left it alone until it was done. Then, I shredded the meat and mixed it with the sauce. It was not very watery, but still sort of saucy. I think this could be a great freezer in-a-bag crock pot meal. In fact, that's how I will make this next time. It was tasty - kind of similar to curry.

Cook In Southwest March 14, 2016

"Unbelievably awesome!" (to quote my husband). The spices are wonderful. I'd suggest adding the marinade to the coconut milk (or discarding the marinade and making an additional batch of marinade and adding that to the coconut milk). Tastes great with carrots and a final garnish of chopped spicy peanuts. Thank you for a non-traditional pork ribs recipe!

amy.cleaveland September 30, 2012