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We really liked this though I should have chosen something different to cook - I made salmon and used as a marinade for that since that's all I had in the freezer and I really wanted to make this! DH and I really liked it - DD...not so much at first, but it definitely grew on her. For me it needed a bit more salt, but again, with the salmon it just could have been that salmon has a pretty powerful punch on its own - and I will not delete stars due to my selection of fish. We definitely enjoyed the heat and the hint of lime in this sauce. I will definitely make this again with chicken or shrimp as suggested. Made for ZWT8 and the Herbaceous Curvaceous Honeys.

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FloridaNative August 14, 2012

Update: I bbq pork tenderloin tonight that was marinated in the curry sauce for 2 hrs it was incredible. Juicy, tender, pink, perfectly cooked with an amazing flavor.

Wonderful, just wonderful Momaphet. The flavor of the sauce is outstanding. We enjoyed it so much. It was sweet, tart, tangy, spicy hot and delicious, all in one bite. I used Thai Red Curry Paste, (personal preference only) . I grilled collasal shrimp and served them with couscous. I poured the sauce over the shrimp and the couscous, it was simply delicious. I will make this one again. Kudos on a great recipe. :) Made for the Winner of the Recipe of the Day Game. Comfort Cafe /09 :)

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Baby Kato August 19, 2012

This sauce is AWESOME! I used it on both chicken and shrimp. I felt like I was having dinner in the Pacific Islands. You could taste almost every component of this sauce. I loved that little bit of heat at the end. Thanks for sharing, momaphet. Made for Top Favorites of 2009 Tag Game.

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Crafty Lady 13 March 15, 2010

Great sauce. I have been looking to create the sauce used at Fresh Fish Co. in Denver and used this as a base and added a couple spoonfuls to about 1/3 c. mayo. Perfect match in my eyes. Will make this often as we don't go to Denver as often as we used to. Pan-Fried Calamari Rings and this sauce, I was in heaven.

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adopt a greyhound July 28, 2009

Mmmmmmmm!!! I LOVE the flavors of coconut and lime together - the curry puts it right over the top. I lightly coated shrimp with flour, fried in some oil, the poured the sauce over it (the shrimp soaked up more of this wonderful sauce), and served it over rice noodles. Sooooo delicious! I can't wait to try it with chicken and fish. I made this for the "Hot, Spicy & Tasty Food" event - June 2009.

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"Ratalouille" June 29, 2009

I made this for ZWT 5 for Ali Bab's Babes. I'm not putting any stars this time as I think I had an ingredient issue. I bought 'cream of coconut' and the product sold here as such is in a solid block. I had to grate it to be able to 'whisk' anything into it and ended up adding coconut milk to thin it a little. It was still more of a thick paste than a sauce. The taste was great though so I'll definately try it again once I figure out the right product. Thanks for posting

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K9 Owned June 03, 2009

WOW! Sweet and hot! Just love that combo. Really fast and easy to put together. The lime shines in this. The only thing I did was leave out the salt. This will make a great addition to my summer grilling. Thank you for sharing, momaphet! Made this for ZWT5 for The GroovyGastronomes.

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luvcook'n June 01, 2009

*Reviewed during ZWT5 Caribbean visit for the Zaar Chow Hounds* THis was super easy and totally delicious! I used the sauce to cook chicken breast chunks and green/raw king banana prawns. I used 2/3 the suace to coat/baste the meats and the remaining at the table as a sauce poured over our dinners. Served the chicken and prawns with Lime Rice. Phot also being posted

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**Jubes** May 29, 2009
Island Coconut Curry Sauce