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This is different, and very good! I think I would like a bit more lime juice, next time. Although this was nice on some grilled chicken, I had leftovers, and I made it into a pretty tasty spread by adding some cream cheese and crushed pineapple.

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Meredith K. April 06, 2010

This is AMZING, TRUE! Served as a dip with water cracker dippers too! Guests kept going mmmmmmmmmmmm and coming back for more, Isn't that what a great entertaining recipe is for? Thanks! I did add more coconut milk through, As made the day before for convenience too! I also DOH added peanut oil instead of drizzling it in, This recipe is definately a win! Will be making it again this week, TRUE! And hope to get the add oil drizzle right too! DEFINATELY use peanut oil and makes for a great combination, Made this recipe with alot of elation! THANKS!

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mickeydownunder March 20, 2010

What an amazing and very unique recipe - we ALL loved this! I made half the quantities and used this to go with spicy grilled pork chops - Caribbean style - it was like a Sambal or Salsa accompaniment, and next time I have been instructed to make the FULL amount! I made NO subs, apart from the quantity. Thanks Kathy for this lovely recipe! FT:-) P.S. NO photos this time, as yours were so lovely....I would like to photograph this next time I make it, with my pork chops!

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French Tart August 20, 2007
Island Cilantro Pesto