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These Eggrolls are fantastic. And if you take the time to prep everything, they are very easy to prepare as well. About the only thing I did differently was after adding the cabbage to the pork mixture, it tasted a little flat. So, I added a couple of dashes...literally just dashes of Chinese 5-Spice Powder to kind of wake it up again, and it worked. We loved these so much because they are SO MUCH better than the frozen ones you buy. You done good with this one Riff, a keeper for sure!

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bratty October 02, 2003

Oh yes finally these are up! I was lucky enough to get this chef's recipe prior to posting and I made these a few weeks ago. I used all the ingredients listed except I did not add the peppers and did add 1/2 tsp 5 spice powder. These are truly amazing. It is time consuming so do double the recipe and freeze. I am lucky enough to have nearly a dozen in my freezer that I have been saving for a special occassion. I have baked as well as fried these babies and both were excellent. I will never buy frozen again. Thanks Riff for trusting me with this special recipe.

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Just Cher October 02, 2003

Not to sound like a broken record, but this recipe is a KEEPER! Yes, it takes some time to get all the chop-chop done -- well worth the effort when you get to the eating part. "Broke da mouth"(Excellent!) Served this with Mae Ploy, a sweet chili sauce, for the hot crowd, and for the more traditional folks, Thai Dipping Sauce (recipe 33113). Mahalo Riffraff -- or is it Riff raff?

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Kauaian cook October 31, 2003

Wonderful. Just wonderful. I made these chicken egg rolls as opposed to pork with Riff's gracious help. My store didn't have ground pork. Just poached the chicken, shredded it, sauted the onions, carrots and garlic, then added the chicken and went along as the recipe stated. They are soooo good! My first time working with wrappers and making egg rolls and such a success! They even taste good cold! I am so glad I made a double batch! Thanks so much Riff! I will be making these again and again!

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~Bekah~ October 05, 2003

OHHHHH These will be the best egg rolls you have ever eaten... I did not include bean sprouts because they scare me. They are so crispy and good out of the oven. But be sure to make alot, because you will not be able to stop eating them!! Thanks for sharing mom.

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Loves2Teach October 02, 2003

Hi, I have tried other eggroll recipes in the past however, no matter how long I drain the vegetables the end result is a slightly soggy. I am looking forward to trying this recipe soon but, I have a trade secret to also try this time... I spoke to a woman in Chiagos Chinatown and she revealed that if you spread a very tiny amount of peanutbutter on the wrapper before adding the vegetables the outside will retain its crispiness and the juice will not permeate the wrapper. Just thought I would pass on this hint. looking forward to trying your recipe. I"ll get back to you with results. Thanks to all who submit recipes!!

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twostep6639 November 01, 2009

I say piffle to the idea that there are rules for egr rolls (or spring rolls as some of us call them). The main appeal of this dish is that it can accommodate infinitely variable ingredients. Everything is optional. Substitute chicken or shrimp for the meat, throw in some broccoli or cauliflower, Use rice wrappers instead of egg wrappers. This is a good recipe.

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natcole October 09, 2009

This is basically how I make my eggrolls too! Delicious and we eat way too many, but be sure you make enough to share with your neighbors... they are that good! I don't add the bean sprouts but I like to add in regular old green cabbage with the napa to bulk it out some. Another good addition is bean thread noodles... soak first, drain well and chop coarsely. For those who disliked them baked -- make sure you buy lumpia skins or thin eggroll wrappers. The thicker eggroll wraps will not bake up correctly. But the lumpia shells bake up like a dream. I doubt anyone could really tell the difference b/c my husband sure couldn't! Great recipe!

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Iceboxer October 01, 2009

I was drawn to this recipe because the eggrolls are baked instead of fried. I had an unsuccessful experience my first try with these, but quickly figured out the problems were mine instead of the recipe. Do not cook the cabbage!! Follow riff's instuctions & stir in as directed :-) Also the cooking spray I was using felt "watery" and the eggrolls never got crisp in the oven. After emailing the chef (Thanks riff!) I tried again with wonderful results. I also really liked the chef's tip on weighting the mixture in the colander, it really makes a difference. Thanks for sharing your recipe riffraff & your help!

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Susie D January 01, 2005

riff, these were fabulous egg rolls! I used ground pork, and also added some tiny shrimp. The only thing I left out was the celery. I added 3 small red peppers, minced, for some heat. And also used some matchstick carrots from the produce dept to save some time. The Napa cabbage was very easy and quick to chop by hand. I chopped it, washed it, and put it throught the salad spinner to get rid of the water. They were very easy to put together, and even easier to cook. I think I could have let the filling drain longer though. I had a few open up during baking, and it was from extra moisture. But my husband wouldn't stop eating the filling, so I got fed up and started rolling them sooner than I should have, I guess. Anyway, these are really delicious. We made a dipping sauce with soy sauce, garlic and ginger to go along with the rolls. We loved them and will be making them again, very soon! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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ciao October 16, 2003
Is It Egg Roll or Eggroll?