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The sweetness of the sauce was fantastic...I made this sauce for my family and mother-in-law with rave reviews....well...since I am only civil with my mother-in-law she begrudgingly gave me a "That was good"....trust me...that is code for grand slam...thank you for the great recipe..

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scswanson2002 August 09, 2010

I have to admit right up front that I didn't put all the sweet in this--I thought it would be too much for my family. I used a tablespoon of brown sugar and a tablespoon of honey and it was PERFECT for our family, still quite sweet. We experimented with toppings, and the best ones with this topping are toppings with more salt and spice in them (think pepperoni and jalepenos). We also topped with crushed red pepper which took it right over the top. The combination of sweet, salty, and spicy is FANTASTIC! We will definitely be making this again, and I really appreciate the recipe.

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Chef SuzyQ February 28, 2010

Hats off to Iron Mike! I made this and this is the best tasting pizza/pasta sauce I have tasted in so very long. I know make it in big batches and freeze the extra. I use it for both pizza & pasta. I get rave reviews every time. I made a egg plant parm with this. And it was the best egg plant parm I've tasted in my life. So again thank you so very much Mike. I'll be making this for many many years to come.

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Tracy S. August 20, 2009

This is pretty close to Buddy's. I worked for LaRosa's for 7 years and this is on the money. I will know for sure once it cools down and I put it on a Pie :-)! After cooling it was a little weak compared to the real thing so, I "kicked it up a notch". I almost doubled the sugar and honey (3 TBS each) but I also doubled all of the spices. Simmered it a while longer and this time when it cooled it was dead on. I had some thin crusts bought from either Sam's or GFS in the freezer so I pulled one out and made a 12" 4 item pie. I haven’t eaten an entire 12" 4 item pie since I quit LaRosa's 14 years ago but I swear I couldn't stop till it was all gone!!!!! I grow and can my own tomatoes every year so instead of the puree I used 2 pints of Roma's drained and ran through a blender. I was out of fresh garlic so I used 3 tsp. dried garlic powder. For the carrots...I used Gerber baby food :-0.

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BarneysBurgers October 13, 2007

I had never had anything like this, and I made it to a "T". I did pay attention to some reviews about adding some saltier cheeses and used a 45% MOZZ/45%PROV/10%grated Romano to offset the sweet. It was very good.

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Wannabee Houston Chef January 15, 2015

I found this recipe a few years ago looking for either a Papa John's reproduction or just a general sweet pizza sauce. Most of the recipes I've found online have been a huge disappointment, aside from anything from Alton Brown. This, on the other hand, is the only sauce recipe I ever bother with. I've actually come back to this website at least 3 times to recopy it. I think one of the things that was intriguing was the minced carrot. I don't know if this is based on a particular restaurant's sauce, I only know it's great.

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donaldrollerwilson July 29, 2014

LOOOOOOVED this sauce recipe. I made this for my family and we loved it. It reminded us of a pizza place here in town. I used half and froze the other half so we can have it again soon. It is sweet, but that's what we liked. Thank you for sharing with awesome recipe with us.

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mommyoffour May 06, 2013

This recipe taste nearly identicle to Larosas sauce. However I made a few variations. FYI I ordered off of Cinci faves to have 10 Larosas pizzas shipped to me freeze dried. It tasted really dissapointing, infact my body also rejected it. I wouldn't bake any for friends it tasted so bad. My body kept saying not to take another bite and ended to the bathroom each time I baked theirs. And Cinci faves would never respond to my complaints. I threw most pizzas in the trash and wasted over $100. So I was pleased to find this. I just made this and here's a suggestion/opinions etc.

For starters you MUST use provolone cheese!!! Larosas actualy uses this. I put some mozzarella on part of pizza just to see and it's like eating a sweet dessert and not a pizza.

The ratio is incorrect for a medium pizza. Make a full 11oz can of puree instead of 7oz. I had to add a lot of extra brown sugar. I regreted it when I added a little extra honey. Plus I had to add a lot of extra sea salt many times while cooking. I know the recipie requires plain salt.

Once I felt everything finished tasting identical to Larosas... it was actualy a tad too sweet when I ate some of the pizza even on the provolone side.

I didn't add carrots, and I only had veggie oil here.

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flo9p February 24, 2013

100% Excellent! Loved this sauce and used it for grilled pizza. 10 Star recipe

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Amber Ward August 02, 2012

This sauce was amazing! We traveled to London last summer and had the best pizza with a sweet sauce. We have been trying to find recipes ever since. This one tastes almost exactly like what we had! We will definitely be making this recipe over and over. Thank you so much!!!

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p_lesli January 11, 2012
Iron Mike's Sweet Tomato Pizza Sauce - the Spirit of Cincinnati