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So simple and yet so delicious.

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cuppycakes March 02, 2009

fantastic! i love the sweet/salty/spicy flavor this dish has. i never had shiitake mushrooms before this but they will definately be a regular in my stir-fry's from now on! i didnt have mirin but something called sweet cooking sake which sounded close, i didnt have the optional sasho pepper but tried to compensate with cracked black pepper & a bit of lemon pepper since zaar ingredients said sancho pepper has a lemony flavor...added about a tbs of cracked red pepper for some kick & yum!! i didnt get a picture but lucky you have some great ones already so i dont feel so bad! :) thanks sue!!

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catalinacrawler September 09, 2008

If you want tasty, colorful Asian food in a hurry, this is it! I used red and green bell peppers for this..... it made for a very colorful end result. I subbed baby bella mushrooms for shiitake and I think it worked very well. This is great over rice or noodles or just by itself! Thanx for posting.

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*Parsley* September 05, 2008

This was great! I was looking for a recipe that would let me use my chicken breast, and whatever I had on hand. I frequently cook Japanese food, so I had the mirin and soy sauce, and even a little sake, of which I added a dash to the mix. I used a red bell pepper, added one hot chili pepper, and had to leave out the mushrooms because I didn't have any on hand. The result was amazingly good - so fast, so easy, so tasty. But I think the mushrooms would have added an extra dimension, so will use them next time.

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Tracy Lee June 02, 2008

April12-Had DH do this and it was so tasty. He used yellow bell peppers here instead since he made it before I got to bring home green ones. We also opted out the chili peppers since it's optional and we're not great fans of chili. Love the mixture of bell peppers with mushrooms. Served this with rice and next day, he even said to leave some of it for him. Thanks for a simple but wonderful dish, Sue L! April 21- Gave a list of new recipes for DH to make a few days ago. When I came home, found out he ignored most of them (if not all! acck my tags!lol) Instead he chose what he wanted and guess what, this delicious dish was included. As he would say, "why make something else when there are those tried and tested?" and not just that, when I served him another dish which he also made, he wanted yours! lol I guess this goes to the list of his few favorite dishes. Thanks, again Sue L :) P.S. This time he used chicken breast and he still used the orange bell peppers coz when asked, he said it's his new fave color for peppers. lol

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Pneuma April 21, 2008
Iron Chef Winner's Japanese Pan-Fried Chicken