Irish Sausages (Bangers)

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Total Time
20 mins
5 mins

I haven't tried these yet, but absolutely love Irish sausages. This looks like a pretty simple recipe that I found online. You might even be able to get your butcher to mince the meat and then if you don't have casings, just make into patties. I'm not sure how many links this recipe would make so I'm just guessing.

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  1. Mince the meat and fat twice, then mix very well and season. (Fry a teaspoon or so each time to check the flavor until you get it the way you like it.)
  2. Add the herbs and breadcrumbs and any spices used.
  3. Fill skins as usual. You could probably also make into patties and pan fry.
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This is an excellent recipe, almost authentic! Bread crumbs (or rusk) are definitely not optional if you want the sausage to have the right flavor and texture. The crumbs should be about 8-10% by weight of the meat and then moistened with water before adding. The crumbs are not added as a "filler" but to absorb and maintain moisture and fat. This is not health food!