Irish Rose (Cocktail Drink)

Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 0 mins

The original recipe calls for Tequila Rose but you can use any strawberry cream liqueur

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Pour ingredients into a stainless steel shaker over ice.
  2. Shake until completely cold then strain into a chilled stemmed glass or rocks glass filled with ice.
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What a special treat. If you have not tried Tequila Rose you have to go out and get some and then make this drink. I shook mine up with the ice and then poured the whole thing into my glass. Fabulous!

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Yummy! I drank it so fast. It's a girlie drink. Thanks Nyteglori :) Made for Newest zaar tag.

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I can't say enough good things abut this drink. I very rarely make sweet, creamy drinks, but this one was soooooo good! I would have it for dessert any day. I used strawberry liqueur rather than the strawberry cream one, and it worked out just fine. I added the ice after the picture so the drink didn't get watered down. Thanks Nyteglori!