Irish Flag Layered Shot

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Pony glass is called for this layered shot. It is a small stemmed glass with a rounded bottom and fluted top, they hold about the same amount of liquid as a shot glass.


  1. Layer in a pony glass or shot glass in the order given.
  2. The secret is to pour slowly, barely dribble the liqueurs into your glass.
  3. Start with your first liqueur and pour it into your glass, now take your spoon and place the tip of the spoon very close to your first liqueur, now carefully and slowly pour in your second liqueur over the back of the spoon and into the glass, then your third.


Most Helpful

I'm so proud of me for the layers I was able to finally do. It's delicious. The 3 alcools goes well together. It's strong and delicious. Thanks Rita :)

Boomette July 05, 2007

Rita this was so good! I must say I followed your instructions (thanks by the way in how to prepare a layered drink) and could only get two layers right! Anyway, to spare you I didn't take the photo, realized afterward... this was probably supposed to look like the Irish flag??? I only had the White Greme de Menthe as I have a problem with drinking any *green* But here's to you and a another wonderful layered drink! Cheers ~V

Vseward (Chef~V) March 29, 2007

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