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Rather than use chicken breast halves, I used chicken wings (I freeze big bags of them for chicken stock/stews when we butcher), which I cooked up this morning. When I was ready to complete the Chicken and Dumplings, I removed the chicken wings and picked the meat off the bones, measured out the broth in the pan...couldn't believe it was exactly the three cups called for...wouldn't have happened if I'd been trying...lol. I added the remaining ingredients, including the de-boned chicken and cooked as directed. I could not find my bag of frozen peas in either chest freezer or fridge freezer, so I substituted canned peas (it would definitely have been even better with fresh or frozen) instead. I made up some bisquits and dropped them in. I must have made them a little larger than the recipe called for because I had to cook them a little longer than stated (approximately 10 minutes). With the creamed soups added so early (with raw potatoes and carrots), I expected it to tend to stick and possibly scorch...not a bit though (yeaaaahhh). We all really enjoyed this and will definitely be having it again. There were only 3 of us for dinner tonight, so we had about half left over, which is great because I need something to just warm up tomorrow evening. Since we don't like reheated dumplings, I removed the remaining ones before refrigerating the left-overs and will make fresh tomorrow evening. Thanks for sharing a really great recipe RecipeNut. I just had to try this when I saw Irish since 50% of my heritage is Irish! ;-)

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Cindy Lynn September 20, 2002

This was SOOOOOO GOOOOD! My whole family practically inhaled it. Thanks so much for posting this recipe.

It's become a staple in our home. We've got to have it at least twice a month. I did change it slightly though. Instead of water I use chicken stock and I cut the salt in half.

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Clarity148 January 13, 2012

So yummy! My daughter called it "Thanksgiving in a bowl". I made a different biscut topping by combining 1 cup flour, 2 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp sugar, 1/2tsp salt. Cut in 1 Tbsp butter and stir in 1/2 cup milk. But I followed the directions and added it to the boiling stew and covered, then uncovered after 10 minutes and cooked an addition 10 minutes. I've made this 4 or 5 times and have used thighs too.

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kda949 August 20, 2010

Very good and easy to make. I made for St Patty's Day. I used Specialty Soup Substitutes - Cream for the cream of chicken soup and I didn't have any celery. I used a cup of chopped onions, a can of peas and carrots and a can of diced potatoes. I only made half of the dumpling mix. This was very thick so next time I think I would add more water. Loved the taste of this.

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bmcnichol March 17, 2010

Born, raised and living in western Canada. I've never had any 'chicken and dumplings' dish until today. It was okay. I used cream of mushroom soup and I know it wouldn't have made that much of a difference. The addition of the veggies is in perfect timing. All come out cooked just right. This is good. I used chicken thighs and they are very flavorful. It was a good dish, though, for the amount of time and prep I'm not sure that I will make it again. My 8 yo daughter also gives it a 3 star. Just like any comfort food if you grow up with it there is a world of difference in how you like it. I grew up with Ukrainian food as a staple and I know there are people who don't care much for cabbage rolls or borscht. This dish is in one of those.... a borscht. I think it's very good and I'm glad I tried it, it's just not amazing enough to give 5 stars for my 'comfort.'

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Trish Za Dish August 30, 2009

WOW! Absolutely loved this recipe... My SUPER fussy hubby even said it was better than his Baba's... Yummy!!

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Mommy Lala October 08, 2008

I thought this was pretty good! I think that 3 cups of chicken broth opposed to water would give it a richer taste and so will do that next time. I cut the chicken into bite sized pieces and chopped the onion, potatoe and carrots. Other than that it was really good and my family liked it. Perfect winter time comfort food!

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QueenJellyBean September 23, 2008

First, this makes a TON of food. It easily fed six, and I still had a slew of left overs. Second, it is simple to throw together and serve, and it has familiar flavors that everyone at my table likes. I followed the recipe as stated except I served with Red Lobster Cheese Biscuits (Red Lobster Cheese Biscuits) instead of dumplings. Also served with fresh cobbed corn and peaches. I will make this again, might half the recipe as needed.

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NELady September 01, 2008
Irish Chicken and Dumplings