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Thank You Miller! I made your Kebabs last night-I used tri-tip steak, and the kebabs were so tender and tasty! I also made Sue L's Luleh Kebabs, and served them over basmati rice, with a roasted tomato and egg yolk. A little Sumac sprinkled over all. Delicious! We felt like we were at one of our favorite restaurants- Tehran, in Las Palmas. Thank you for a fabulous recipe, Miller! I can't wait to make them again!

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canarygirl October 15, 2002

Ah MilleĀ®, how we hardly knew, but yet we miss ye. If ya can see this from yer whoopie cushioned sky-visage, just wanna let peeps know this is darn good. Don't think I'd have tried it if not for Canarygirl's review. (Never farted with the Sumac tho.) And I served it (Ate it by mahself 'cause I'm a single pringle! LOL) with wild rice and balsamic tomato slices with and garlic feta cheese, with a bastardized Italian dressing for mopping/sopping/dredging and messin' it up. Thanks, Rocket Man...er.. MilleĀ®...Good stuff peeps. Of BTW,..I did also change the beef..instead of fillet cubes, etc, I saved all the trimmed beefy tail chunks I get when I trim ribeyes for customers,..just perfect!

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Iowahorse January 15, 2012
Iranian Shish Kebabs