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Was given a starter of this sort a few years ago...and loved it... but it died & I lost contact with the friend!! Can't wait to try it again!!!

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mtgrams December 18, 2011

This turned out great for me. Made my first 2 loaves of bread this morning, and man the smell is heavenly. This is exactly like the started I had many years ago, and so glad to get back into the bread making.....watch out hips!

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Jellyqueen September 30, 2010

I started this several days ago and have used it in recipes twice since - to great success! I wouldn't say that mine tastes "sour" - it smells more beery than tangy. But as far as starters go it seems easy to maintain, and it works very well with a wonderful flavour. I like that it had no flour so that I can add it to recipes without having to do heavy calculations. I just replace for part of the liquid and away we go! Thank you for posting this easy starter.

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DancesInGarden May 05, 2008

Let me start my review by saying I'm doing Atkins diet so have not tasted this recipe. I had my 3 best taste testers to review this bread and I trust their opinion. I haven't made sourdough in several years cause of low carbing and laziness and have been begged often but just gave in. This starter is new to me, my old stand by was a flour, water, yeast mixture from a 1970 cookbook. The starter was super easy but I did feed it on day 3. I used my usual white bread recipe for abm subbing starter for liquid. I did add several tsp of water as the dough started out too dry. I let the dough cycle finish then shaped into 2 small loaves and let rise about 4 hours. I baked 30 minutes at 400 then 10 more at 350. WONDERFUL DENSE BREAD WITH GREAT SOUR SMELL AND REALLY MOIST.My taste testers all gave it as many stars as is possible. Hope this helps..am making more tommorow! Jean PS: My white bread: (ABM) 1 1/3 cups starter 2 tbs melted butter 4 scant cups bread flour 4 tsp dry milk powder 2 tbs sugar 2 tsp salt 1 pkg rapid rise yeast Put ingredients in bread machine let dough cycle work till end pour dough out onto floured surface and shape into 1 or 2 loaves Let rise till doubled and bake as stated earlier. I am very pleased with this starter recipe. PS.. I fed it again after making bread and have not refrigerated as I am making bread again tomorrow. Jean

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BJW July 14, 2007

I have been using this recipe for several months now. I bake 3 loaves of sourdough every week. Every loaf has came out perfect; so perfect, my friend ask me for my starter recipe because the bread had such a wonderful sourdough taste. I feed this starter every 3 to 5 days and it does fine. Thanks Trish for a great starter recipe.

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jcbkmb November 12, 2006

Tish, thank you...have been wanting THIS starter for a long time mine died when mom was sick and I spent all my waking moments at the hospital with her.. I will say this is my favorite..and I am off to make some as soon as I hit submit thanks again well once again I need to thank you I have bread raising right now & will bake it tomorrow morning just saying thank you once again.. this starter makes the most wonderful bread..

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gruntlady September 18, 2006
Instant Potato Sourdough Starter