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I made this up in jars to give to family members this year. It will be presented to them in Christmas food baskets with lots of fun things to eat and drink. It will be enjoyed by all who receive them! Delicious Chai!

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FoodieFanatic December 22, 2008

Wonder, delicious, and economical. I am also a chai tea lover. I am making batches today for X-mas gifts. Since so many of my family members and friends love chai tea, but have various health issues, I am eliminating the sugar and labeling the containers as unsweetened and allowing them to use their own choice of sweetner. Then, everyone is happy and it also cuts on the cost of ingredients. And I give the recipe 10 stars. Thanks, Sandi

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jacksongg December 20, 2008

I made this with my sister to give as Christmas gifts. We tweaked it a little to make it to our tastes, but it turned out amazing. We made it in the food processor as others suggested to cut down on the grit and are glad we did. Right from the start we left out the ginger (allergies) and cut the sugar in half. Even for those who like sweet drinks, I would recommend starting with half the sugar. You can always add more in if you want it sweeter. We both like our teas and coffees really sweet, but we agreed that half the sugar tasted just right. We made a cup with water and decided it wasn't quite perfect. We added another 1/2 cup of the vanilla creamer and another 1/2 cup of tea to the mix. The second time around we also prepared it using half milk and half water with the new mix and decided it made it perfect. Our only experience with Chai prior to this was Starbucks, so we had some big shoes to fill, but I think we succeeded. So long $4 lattes!

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Reeces Pieces December 07, 2008

I love my chai tea and decided to try my hand at making it. This was really great and easy to put together. I sipped it while eating my blueberry muffin for breakfast and I really loved it! Thanks Sandi!

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~Chef Lori~ August 29, 2008

I am making this for the second time. First time for my daughter, who introduced her friend to chai. This time for my daughter's friend. :) I just finished a cup and enjoyed it very much. Next time I will cut back on the sugar, maybe by half. I ran this thru my coffee grinder and it made it all nice and powdery, no grit. I have and will make again. Thank you for posting this recipe.

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:)Shirl(: August 06, 2008

This mix tasted pretty good, but somehow didn't stack up to the commercial stuff. Something about it was just a little off---It was sweet enough, spicy enough, but just didn't taste the same. Maybe add something to make it a little creamier?

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meatymeatball July 31, 2008

I love Chai tea and decided to make some of my own. This recipe is wonderful! I love the spice mix, especially the cardamom. This will be a staple in my house now that I know how good it is. Thanks for sharing!

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vickyferland63 July 09, 2008

This recipe makes a great chai tea. Buying those little tins of chai tea gets expensive. I'm so glad I found this recipe and can now make my own. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe Sandi.

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Crafty Lady 13 February 03, 2008

I made some changes so that I could just add this to my own brewed tea but it turned out great. I did not add any sugar to this and I left out the tea mix. I also did not use the vanilla creamer, and instead replaced it half and half with more powdered milk and plain creamer. To the spices I added a teaspoon of both nutmeg and Chinese 5 Spice powder. I add a couple spoonfuls to my tea along with whatever sweetener I feel like having and it is delicious! I know it sounds like a lot of changes but I have to believe the end result is still pretty comparable. Thank you so much!

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Vino Girl January 16, 2008

just made up 1 1/2 batches of this, one whole batch as written for a gift, and a 1/2 batch using splenda for me. i haven't had a chance to whirl any of it through the processor yet but i couldn't resist getting a cup for myself out of my batch. all i can say is YUM!! I'd forgotten to buy the vanilla creamer so i used all plain creamer and added the vanilla extract. i wasn't too sure how that'd work with the splenda but it was fine. didn't exactly crystalize like w/ the sugar, but i just gave it a good stir and there's hardly any clumps in there. i used the nutmeg, allspice, and a dash of black pepper (all i had) in both batches and i'll definitely do it again next time i make this. there WILL be a next time BTW, this stuff is great. i forgot about the bit of grit in the bottom as other reviewers talked about, so got a suprise when i took the last swig. but it wasn't that bad, i've definitely had worse and it may be better after i whirl the stuff through the food processor. thanks Sandi for a great recipe! and i know the girls i'm making this for will absolutely love it. :)

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MuddyMommaPottery January 14, 2008
Instant Chai Tea Mix