Instant Candy Bar S'mores

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 0 mins

You can actually make a candy bar even yummier! This isn't something that takes an exact recipe, but it is an idea that I wanted to share. This recipe makes one treat but is easily multiplied.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 candy bar, fun size (must be soft like "Milky Way", "3 Musketeers", or even "Reeses' fast break")
  • 2 graham cracker squares


  1. Unwrap candy bar.
  2. Place 1 graham cracker square on a plate.
  3. Sandwich candy bar between both graham cracker squares.
  4. Microwave 15 to 30 seconds.
  5. The candy shouldn't melt down too much in the microwave, but it should get warm enough so that when you remove it from the microwave and press down, the chocolate will "squish".
Most Helpful

I loved it! Thank you! This was just what I wanted - easy, quick and yummy!

Charishma_Ramchandani December 31, 2003