Instant Cafe Mocha

Total Time
5 mins
5 mins

3 powders form together to make a hot drink. Froufrou coffee taste, without Froufrou Coffeehouse price. You can use regular or decaf, add in whatever further powders you like for flavour.

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  1. Empty the 8 oz instant coffee into a mixing bowl.
  2. Use the now-empty jar to measure out 2 jars of chocolate milk mix (16 oz).
  3. Use the jar to measure out 3 jars of powdered milk (24 oz).
  4. Mix thoroughly, and run through a blender or food processor, so that the powder is of a relatively similar consistency.
  5. Put mix into jars for gift-giving, or to pace out your own consumption.
  6. Use a quarter-cup of mix per 1 cup of hot water.