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I was very disappointed in this tasteless, wet burger. Not juicy or moist, just soaking wet. The BBQ and egg were too much. The onion disappeared and the relish gave it a slight sweet taste. Jalapenos at least would have been better. I used quality beef and it was still tasteless. No flavor at all. I will never make again.

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dogodigger July 08, 2008

These turned out well, and were a lot easier to put together than I anticipated. I ended up using just a bit of extra cheese. I cooked these on my indoor electric grill, and the held together well. It took about 7 minutes, which is about 2 minutes longer than plain burgers. We had mayonnaise on the buns, and just a bit of ketchup. I thought the ketchup was even overkill, although a bit of lettuce might have been nice. I will definitely do these again.

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evewitch January 17, 2008

These were really tasty! I was a little shy with putting too much filling in the middle, next time I will definitely add more, but nevertheless the combo of ingredients resulted in a juicy and flavorful burger. I used a combination of sweet and dill relish and finely chopped vidalia onion and used a sharp cheddar cheese for the filling. I think pretty much any cheese would be delicious for these burgers. I was afraid of using the barbecue sauce, but it really only added a hint of flavor and wasn't overwhelming at all. I grilled these on a grill pan & served with a caesar salad and some oven fries. Everyone in my family approved. Thanks!

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shimmerchk August 31, 2007

Ooh nice to see this one posted! I have been using a similar recipe found in a "ways with beef" booklet. I broil mine and they get done super-fast. Can't wait to try it overa camp fire. Everyone should try these! Anytime I have made them my family and guests always raved. Its easy and impressive. I think something that needs to be stressed to anyone else trying it out is that its very important to make your patties thin and to leave enough room around the edges to pinch the patties together without getting any of the stuffing in the way.Definitly a 5 star hamburger recipe.

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Amanda in Aberdeen August 22, 2004
Inside-out Burgers