Total Time
72hrs 10mins
Prep 10 mins
Cook 72 hrs

I discovered this recipe about 7 years ago, while watching A PBS television show with Lawn expert Jeff Baker. I have used this formula several times on my lawn. It gets the lawn greener, and kills the pesty bugs. It is a n inexpensive recipe.. saves alot of noney on the water bill.. Make sure there is no rain in the forecast for 2 days.. Very Important..

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 cup ammonia (average size lawn)
  • 1 cup beer (average size lawn)
  • 1 cup mouthwash (average size lawn)
  • 1 cup dish detergent (average size lawn)
  • 1 cup liquid laundry detergent (average size lawn)


  1. Before using this you need to dethatch your lawn by raking up the dead grass, and the entire rest of the lawn.
  2. Fertilize lawn ,and set dirt, and grass seed if needed.
  3. Fill a lawn sprayer depending on the size of your sprayer with 1/2 container amonia, and 1/2 container beer,shake well, and spray lawn. This will kill the grubs. ( do this on a day that no rain is forcasted for 24 hours).
  4. Let sit for 24 hours.
  5. The next day, fill your lawn sprayer with 1/3 portion liquid laundry detergent,1/3 portion liquid dish detergent, and 1/3 portion mouthwash. It is best if this step is repeated every 3 weeks.
  6. After the mouthwash, laundry detergent, and laundry detergent step, let it sit 24 hours with out watering. ( this should be done on the 2nd day without rain in the forecast).
  7. then you need to, water as needed.
  8. Ater a couple months you lawn will be green and healthy.
  9. Repeat once a month.
Most Helpful

02/08/2012 I'm going ahead and reviewing this so I don't get behind on my reviews. For an affordable lawn treatment this can't be beat. I have a lawn sprayer, and also have a sprinkler system, so following the steps in this recipe were easy to accomplish and the directions are great. Since I started this process about a week ago, I'll come back and post a final review in 7 weeks. Thanks for sharing your lawn treatment! Made for PRMR tag game.

breezermom February 08, 2012

03/03/11 - Well, we did the first 2 days of application on a 20'x20' square area of our yard. Will wait a few months and report back the comparison. UPDATE: After 2 months, comparing our yard with the treated spot, we can attest that the area does look somewhat greener and healthier. Not a major difference, but it does enhance the yard. I cannot comment on the bugs, as we treated our yard with milky spores last fall for beetles (which works wonders). So if your looking for a recipe to green up your lawn, this is worth a try. Thanks for sharing.

2Bleu June 25, 2011