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I spent a few hours working on this recipe yesterday. I tried it twice, the first time I made 1/2 recipe just to make 1 to see how it would turn out and I was pretty pleased with it. I have submitted photos of each stage, so they should be up soon. In East Java this dish is known as "Terang Bulan", and traditionally it also has cheese as one of the fillings, which I added when I did the 2nd batch. I also found that to get the more traditinoal texture you need to put a lid over the frying pan when you are cooking the first side, so that it is also slightly steamed from the top. You should also do this recipe using a gas cooktop rather than an electric one, it is alot easier to control the outcome. The first batch I did on an electric cooktop and the edges weren't very crispy. The 2nd batch I did on a gas cooktop and it had a better result, though you need to pay more attention when using it. Also if you put a lid on the frying pan you only need to cook the otherside for a few seconds. Also I found using butter instead of cooking spray made it easier too turn and gave it a more authentic flavour. Mind you, if we had some Blue Band... (Horrible margarine found in Indonesia that is made to withstand the heat and doesnt need to be put in the fridge. Most westerners in Indonesia will not touch it with 40 foot pole) I gave the 2nd batch to my brother in law for his birthday and he was over the moon, so it must have tasted pretty spot on :D So over all I was really happy with it.

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LenLen August 01, 2009
Indonesian Sweet Martabak