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Just the right sweetness. I halved the tofu though, using just one block of firm tofu. That was the right amount, but I made the full recipe other than that. I used enoki mushrooms, red instead of green bell pepper, and I added diagonally cut bok choy when I added the tofu cubes. It was delicious. My husband said it needed more green (we didn't use the green pepper) so my leftovers which are amazing! have some fresh de-stemmed and de-veined, roughly chopped kale that had been tossed with some olive oil and sea salt earlier today. OMG! I had a hard time stopping the fork before storing it away for tomorrow's lunch.

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Chef C.S. December 11, 2012

Delicious!! The sauce is truly fantastic and I had all of the ingredients in the house already to make this other than the mushrooms. Outside of that, I made this recipe as written adding in a full 1/2 teaspoon of the cayenne. Wonderful recipe Sharon, thank you for sharing!

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DeeVaFoodie August 31, 2011

This is our new favorite stir-fry recipe! The sauce is amazing and it uses items I always have available! I did marinate and fry the tofu first, as I do with all stir-fries, it gives the tofu a much better flavor and texture in the dish. Thank you so much for posting this great recipe! We will definitely be making it again :)

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Cjl0601 July 12, 2009

This is so fresh-tasting and light! I also appreciate that this fairly exotic-tasting dish uses stuff you can easily get at a regular grocery store. I didn't add the cayenne, by the way, and then wished I had after I was done preparing it (nothing that a little sriracha can't fix, though). Thanks for sharing!

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Aunt Cookie October 22, 2006

UGH! you couldn't pay me to make this again. So cloyingly sweet. It tastes like cheap Chinese except you stood for 35 minutes matchsticking carrots, celery, and pepper. I followed instructions exactly, with one exception: I used a red bell pepper instead of a green bell pepper. I'm so upset I wasted so many vegetables but I simply cannot stand the taste of this, even having drained away much of the sauce. If you do decide to make this I'd cut down on the sugar and vinegar.

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nancyburns March 17, 2014
Indonesian Sweet and Sour Tofu With Vegetables